My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Last night we took the kids to a place called Young’s Dairy.  It’s a great little place that has hayrides, pumpkins, putt-putt golf, corn mazes, and best of all amazing ice cream.  The only problem is when we got there all of that stuff was closed, open only on weekends…  bummer.  We did get ice cream though…

Instead, we headed to the mall.  Maddie needed a winter coat this year and next week it’s supposed to be pretty cold a couple days so we went on a quest.  We actually found a pretty good deal on a cute, not so bulky coat at JC Penneys.  I refuse to pay what most stores ask for a coat…  $60, $80, $100 on a kids coat?!?  No thank you!  I think we ended up paying $35 for a coat system…so we were successful.  Stephen found a good deal a couple ‘preaching’ shirts at Express and we also picked up a couple Christmas presents.  

Did I mention that I’ve started picking up stuff?  I figured out that if I pick up one thing everytime I’m out it will a) hurt worse in the pocketbook and b) get done sooner and c)hopefully we’ll find the perfect presents for people and not just a present because we need one…  

I’ve got my Christmas list going, my baking list started, and my Christmas card list almost all typed in.  I’ll have to edit it down once I get it all in but it’s going to be harder/longer this year…  and I’m debating on making my cards again or buying them.  I’ve done both and I found the card I like at Family but I don’t know if I can make them cheaper or not…  also, I haven’ had any good inspirations for a made card either.  

Tonight, I think we’re heading to see HSH3…  yes, our entire family loves it…  I think I’m going to go pick up tickets earlier today so we don’t get there and it’s sold out.  That would be two disappointing days in a row for the kids…  no thank you. 

Well, this post is really not very interesting and I don’t even know what to titled it but that’s all I can think of to post on so…  toodles.


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