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Surfacing again…

I know it’s been several days and a lot but nothing has happened…

SOPHIA:  Right now I’m wondering this:  How many pacifiers does one little, sweet baby girl need in her bed?  At my last count there’s FOUR in there!  Do you think that’s enough?  Sweet Soph has not been so sweet this week.  Her teeth are right there…  you can feel the little teeth bumps through her last little bit of skin and she’s not taken it very well.  She has gained a cold, too, through the process.  So just a few minutes ago she looked like an orphan… snot running down her face, cereal crusted on her face (she cried when I tried to take it off) and pajamas… what did I do with the little orphan?  Put her in bed.  

CHARLIE:  Charlie has been loving school.  He’s in a pre-k program that runs on a level-I kindergarten level and it’s at a local church. I tell you what…  each week they learn ONE bible story and their letters, numbers, and chapel all focus on that ONE story.  Charlie knows, KNOWS those stories in and out!!!  I LOVE IT!  It has, for the first time in my life, make me think, “Hmmmm, Christian education…”  I can so see the benefits of it.  (However, we still like our local school system…)  But when Charlie’s bday hat had on it, “Happy Birthday, Jesus Loves Charlie” it does make you *sigh*.  Charlie though is not all fun and games right now.  He’s shifting into the five year old I’m smarter, know better, and don’t have to listen to you phase.  To get him to pick up his room is like pulling teeth from an aligator!   He is adjusting well to the new church and enjoys going.  He’s met several friend that he plays well with.  Probably one of his closest friends whose name is Evelyn…  you MUST meet Evelyn.  She’s a pixie of a little girl that is adorable in every respect.  Her and Charlie play really well together.  (However, Amy, Evelyn’s mom, did overhear (and corrected!) Maddie and Lily, Evelyn’s older sister and Maddie’s good friend, singing “Charlie & Evelyn sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…)

MADELINE:  Madeline, Madeline, Madeline.  To be completely honest here, there are times when I really don’t know how or what to do with Madeline.  She’s got a very complicated personality.  Not complicated personality really, more of a complicated something…  She is a girl who flourishes under praise but likes to push the envelope so much that she needs a lot of correcting.  Then it’s hard for me to praise or reward (which is what she needs) when she’s just disobeyed (blatant disobiance mind you…) twenty times in the last hour.  It’s like a very hard cycle…  Anyways, she’s adjusting well to school and church.  We had conference yesterday with her teacher and she’s doing really well grade wise and from what I can tell socially too.  She’s growing up so fast and it’s kinda scary for me to think about how much I can screw her up if I’m reacting wrong or not in Christ (which is a very hard battle because she knows my buttons… I know, I’m the mom but she does…)

STEPHEN:  Stephen has been pretty busy lately with new church stuff but it’s been good.  He’s found new confidence in preparing sermons…  Sunday nights were really stressing him out and he’s gotten into a grove.  He’s preaching through the book of James and at the rate he’s going (3 verses the last two sermons) we’ll be in James for the next five years.  Job security.  We went to our first associational meeting the other night… okay let me just summarize it like this:  I love hearing about what God is doing in lives and ministries and seeing people pumped about what’s going on however, hearing many reports in a row, plus a message, plus business minutes and motions, etc… not my choice of a date night.  Oh well…  such is life. 

A NEW RESOLVE:  So, I have had a clothing issue ever since we moved.  At FBCV I would wear nice clothes to church but not necessarily dress clothes.  I wore jeans a lot with a nice shirt.  I don’t really feel like a) that’d be appropriate here or b) I don’t really want to do that either.  So, in taking inventory I have discovered I don’t have much that fits.  I could lie to myself and say that I’ve had a baby (which yes, indeed I did) BUT a) Sophia’s now 6 months old and b) my preggo weight is gone which simply leaves the fat…  yes, the fat.  Several years ago (I think three) I worked with a lady and a few friends and was able to lose almost 30 lbs.  This took watching what I ate, when I ate, and exercising.  That and a lot of hard work and self control which I struggle with in all areas of my life.  Well, after we stopped meeting I gained back about 5 almost immediately which I didn’t think was awful because we started getting somethings going on in our life and I couldn’t, or rather didn’t, commit like I had.  Well, add to that  last year.  When pappaw was in the hospital we ate conveniently, not good at all.  Plus I’m a stress eater.  I acknowledge that it could have been worse, but really there’s no reason that I couldn’t have maintained discipline in my life.  So, on to the point of this:  I have resolved to get it together again.  Stephen and I have been on a low-glycemic diet this week to kick the sugar to the curb.  I am a sugar-holic and starting Monday night at the WORST headache ever!  It finally subsided Tuesday night.  I’ve been able to drop several pounds but I know it’s mostly water.  BUT, the main purpose was to get the sugar taste and crave out and so now this coming week I’m starting back into the pattern I had with Marci…

Meal 1*:  Protein + Complex Carb
Meal 2:   Protein + Fruit (or Protein drink)
Meal 3*:  Protein + Complex Carb + Veggie
Meal 4:   Protein + Veggie
Meal 5*:  Protein + Veggie
Meal 6:    Protein + a low-glycemic option (blueberries, yogurt, etc.)
* – these are the ‘main’ meals.  

During this plan I tried to keep my calories around 1200 for six days and then one day, normally Sundays I would have a free day, or meal really…  but anyways, so that’s my new resolve.  I must lose this weight. Not just because then my clothes would fit and my wardrobe would expand but because it’s healthy and I need to set a better example for my children.

POST-DEBATE:  I love politics and this election season has been no different.  I love the thrill of the race, the debates, the everything.  (Okay, I don’t like the ads and I don’t think a candidate should be able to buy a primetime show but whatever, no one asked me…)  However, this year has been a little different.  I’m working the polls (note* the first time I typed this I put poles… no, I’m NOT working the poles… I’m working the polls) again and have had to take several classes.  For those of you who live in Ohio…  look out.  The Secretary of State has mandated several ‘new’ processes which really don’t effect the actual voting, just the processing of the voter which is NOT smart to do for the first time in a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.  But hey, it’s the same lady that doesn’t want to require people to prove their residency.  Come on, people!  My last thoughts on politics are quotes from my dad.  The first one he told me during Clinton’s (Bill that is) first election.  I was in 6th grade and remember being really confused after the debate because I could ‘agree’ with what BOTH candidates were saying and I knew we were supposed to be for one and not the other…  my dad said this:  Remember, figures don’t lie but liars figure.  So appropriate in this election season might I add.  Next, this quote was given, not the quote but the context of the quote, after Wednesdays debate.  I must say I was disappointed in my FoxNews.  CNN & MSNBC were more gracious to the candidates than Fox.  But, there’s always talk about how a candidate should have done this or that, said this, attacked that, etc.  Someone said this afterwards:  He was darned* if he did and darned* if he didn’t.  (*replacement words)  But yes, I think that’s quite true.  Oh, I lied, one last thought.  I have met many new people this last month and one lady I met just this week I think I’ll end up becoming friends with started me thinking about something.  There are a LOT of conservative Christians that don’t vote.  Due to religious views they abstain from the actual act of voting and instead vote by prayer.  This is very troubling to me because a) I think we are instructed in Scripture to be involved in our government and b) do you realize how much that could make a difference…  I’m not talking about dead people, illegal people, or anything else like that registering to vote.  These are citizens of the USA that have the priviledge of voting and don’t.  They hold to a very high moral standard and we need their voices heard.  We can hear the voices of the immoral and socially liberal quite loudly and they don’t speak for middle America but unfortunately we let them…  Okay, I probably need to hang up this rant.  Please just pray…  pray for the grace of God to intervene.  We, as a nation, deserve anything that comes our way because we have sat back and accepted the weakening of our moral standard, given more power to the government and bought into the entitlement thought…  

Well, I think I’ll sign off for now.  We are heading to a football game tonight, Maddie, along with her classmates, get to sing the National Anthem and the fight song for the game tonight.  I think my parents are coming out, too.  Well, i’m off to the laundry mat.  Until next time…


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  1. Hey Charity! I tagged you over on my blog. And I would love some more info on that diet you’re doing. Can you email me more about it? What kind of meals do you use?


    19 October 2008 at 10:53 am

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