My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

At Peace While At War…

It seems like there’s a lot going outside right now (okay, not literally outside my house… but just outside my sphere, bubble… you take your pic.)  On Friday I sat and watched Fox News for a few hours while I folded laundry… (yes! I did fold laundry for a few hours… 11 loads takes a while but hallelujah! I did them at the laundrymat so they were all done at once.)  …but watching that for any amount time is enough to put panic into my bones…  it can get to anyone…

Will the stock market sink low enough for the feds to freeze it?  Will it rebound or sink further?  Is now the time to buy since we’re young and have time for it bounce back up?  How will those we know and love afford to retire if they lose much more?  How would it effect us if we went into another Depression?  The average recession lasts 10 months: would it be longer or shorter?  How come gas keeps going down if we’re going into a recession?   

There are more blue states than red now…Who will be our next president?  More importantly, will every citizen (that’s NOT incarcerated) get ONE vote?  Is Jennifer Brunner really being non-partisan and trying to ensure one person, one vote?  How much drama will there be on election day?  Why can’t a candidate put money where his mouth is and stimulate the economy for the American people instead of buying primetime show?  

Those are just some of my thoughts on two major issues at our front door right now. Add to the national issues, the issues that some of our dear friends are facing… unemployment, new jobs, a son in critical condition in ICU with a LONG road ahead, a husband deployed, a promotion at work passed over unjustly, etc…  and it gets heavy.  

Heavy and burdened to pray for our nation, pray for leaders, pray that people VOTE, pray specifically for our dear friends and love ones…  It also makes me want to sing praises from the highest of heights to our Savior God…  We are in a blessed spot right now.  We are at peace and enjoying this moment.  

Please don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to express… we are not millionaires, we never will be…  We aren’t in perfect health, but we’re in far better health than most (and not because of how we treat our bodies…)  our children, although majorly frustrating this week at times, are the light in our lives…  We are experiencing sweet fellowship with a body of believers and the ability to worship, not every has that privilege and freedom…   

This post might sound melodramatic, and I’m sorry if it does… I really don’t like drama and so I apologize if this sounds overly dramatic…

For those of you who know me and our past many years you will understand that our life has not been normal or calm for many years.  It hasn’t been bad, in fact it has been very rich, but never normal, the calm has always been short-lived, and we’ve always been in a transitional state of mind…  we’re home now.  There is no more transitional plan…  we’ve arrived and we’re settling in.  Do you realize how freeing that feeling is?  It’s beyond words.  

Thank You, Father for your blessings that are beyond words.  Please be with our nation.  We face change, no matter which candidate wins on November 6.  Please protect us from the outsiders that which to harm us, more so Father, please protect us from ourselves.  We are nation that is more harm to itself most of the time.  Healer, please heal those that are hurting physically, and in any other way.   Provide a church home for those that are craving a spiritual home so that they might find a resting place.  Father, teach me how to better parent my children, show my switch that I can flip…  Reveal to me where I can best serve in your church.  Praise You for your faithfulness…  Thank you for your salvation and your unmerited and unconditional love…  Be with your children as we travel to your house tomorrow.  Reveal yourself to those that need a Friend and make the Way clear…  Thank you, precious Father…


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