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A Nite Out…

***Update…  if you TRIED to read through this post and were utterly confused by mis-words let me first apologize, I wrote this late, obviously too late for the English language and grammar…  it has been corrected to the best of my ability, I’m sorry.

So tonight Stephen and I went to the concert we went to Columbus for LAST Friday, the good news was it WAS tonight…  (duh!)  We weren’t disappoint, yet neither of us really expected to be.  

So many things struck us throughout the concert.  First, it’s amazing to think that Smitty is our parent’s age (almost!)  That’s just weird!  It’s also weird that him and SCC have never done a concert together…  by the way, the concert we went to was “United” with Steven Curtis Chapman & Michael W Smith… I didn’t mention that earlier.  They did several snippets of some of their earlier music and the retro stuff was awesome, it made me want to pull out the old school albums…

The thing that struck me most was how old SCC looked.  Not in a bad way mind you…  just older.  He looked like a man that had been to the brink and back (and he and his entire family have…)  What was so cool, so amazing, so GOD… was this…  I sat and listened to him share a little about the past year, listened and could sing along with all of his songs yet for the first time I actually listened to each word.  His songs are so rich…  And here is this man on stage, singing them…

My Redeemer is faithful and true
Everything He has said, He will do
And in the morning, His mercies are new
My Redeemer, is faithful and true…

You make all things new 
You make all things new 
You redeem and You transform 
You renew and You restore 
You make all things new 
You make all things new 
And forever we will watch and worship You…

This is everything I want
This is everything I need
I want this to be my one consuming passion
Everything my heart desires
Lord, I want it all to be for You, Jesus
Be my magnificent obsession…

I could go on and post more and more lyrics but you get the point…  This man and his family have suffered one of the most tragic things I can imagine.  No one, not one person would think less of him or blame him for never stepping foot on that stage YET he did.  And, to be honest, what choice did he have?  What choice do any of us have as Christians?  When we face crap (and let’s face it, sometimes life gives us just that…) what choice do we have?  Do we really have a choice in how we react?  We’ve walked and talked one way through the good days, what would our faith be if in a tough time, in the pit of despair, in the dark: we no longer shared the same confidence?  no longer spoke the same talk?  I’m not trying to make light of anything, or make it sound easy or trite, but it goes along with Stephen’s messages from the last two weeks so it’s fresh on my mind…  What choice to we have but to react as anyone would if they were completely confident in the Father…  

Both SCC & MWS’s sons were with them tonight.  We also talked on the way home that I bet they get, “Oh, are you going to be like your dad?”, etc…  It’s pretty cool.  But can you imagine this:  Caleb Chapman grew up with his dad so playing guitar for SCC would be no big deal, BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE being on stage with Michael W Smith and playing guitar for him?!?  How cool would that be?  (The answer is REALLY!)

Well, I need to sign off for tonight… tomorrow we pick up dressers and I’m headed to the laundry mat… sounds like fun I know, you’re all jealous!!!  I’ll catch up with you more tomorrow.


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  1. oooo SCC and MWS–seriously? together? that sounds totally awesome-o. i got to see MWS at cedarville and we were totally in love with his cool-ness. so happy you had a night with the husband!

    13 October 2008 at 12:34 am

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