My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

101st Post!!!

So, here’s the skinny on me…

1.  I am a wife
2.  married to my high school sweetheart and best friend
3.  the only man I’ve ever kissed
4.  I am a mom
5. to three amazing kids Madeline, Charlie, and Sophia
6.  who is recently able to stay at home…
7.  I just moved to New Lebanon
8.  into the parsonage
9.  where I spilled 1/2 gallon of blue paint on the newly cleaned carpet
10.  a friend had to come and clean up my mess
11.  My first day at FBCNL was yesterday
12.  I am awful at remembering names with faces
13.  I have had five different jobs, plus babysitting
14.  I worked at a Daycare Center after highschool,
15.  a staffing company when we first got married
16.  a laboratory before and after I had Charlie
17.  and FBCV for four years as secretary.
18.  My favorite job was working at the church…
19.  I am currently employed at home, oh, I already kinda said that one.
20.  I graduated from Wayne High School in Huber Heights.
21.  I was a pretty good student, could have been better but I didn’t see the point.
22.  I am in love with music,
23.  but will never be the best, I’m sufficient at best.
24.  In high school I was in the marching band
25.  and played flute,
26.  in concert band I played the Oboe,
27.  in jazz band I played the piano.
28.  I was vote the most musical for our Senior whatever they’re called.
29.  I love politics, especially during Presidential Election years
30. and work at the poles for elections.
31.  This year I’ll be a ‘super pole worker’
32.  which basically means I’ve gone to five classes and are ‘super’ trained.
33.  The ‘super’ part of it is it’s ‘super’ pay (Christmas money, baby :O) 
33.  I love cooking, well, rather baking
34.  and would one day love to be on ‘Top Chef’
35.  I enjoy making pies for Holiday gatherings.
36.  On Monday I’ll turn 28, old I know :O)
37.  I don’t love painting but I love the outcome
38.  Currently I’m doing “Stepping Up” by Beth Moore and it’s probably one of my favorite.
39.  I do NOT enjoy laundry
40.  or dishes, even though I have a dishwasher.
41.  I love Christmas and all that surrounds it…
42.  shopping for presents (finding the perfect thing for someone on sale is awesome!)
43.  making and sending our Christmas cards (I sent out over 125 last year)
44. baking and making candies and cookies to give as token gifts
45.  Christmas music (Martina McBride, Point of Grace, Elvis, Michael W Smith, Mercy Me)
46.  Christmas movies (White Christmas, Holiday Inn, It’s a Wonderful Life)
47.  Brown looks better on me
48. but I tend to wear black more…
49.  I love serving in the local church
50.  I don’t mind ironing shirts
51.  but I don’t like trying to ring-around-the-collar out
52.  I enjoy clean sheets on the bed
53.  but I don’t enjoy washing them or putting them on the bed
54.  I love reading and will read almost anything
55.  We have almost 10 boxes of boxes
56.  We do not have a bookshelf
57.  I need to go to IKEA to buy one.
58.  I don’t own a waffle iron
59.  but I need one.
60.  I’m purchasing new dishes this weekend (for my birthday)
61.  They will be Fiestaware in Cobalt Blue (I’ve been eyeing them for a long while)
62.  I found them on for an amazing deal (Whoo-hoo!)
63.  I was on the swim team for one summer
64.  all I have to show for is ‘Participation Ribbons’ (Does that clue you into how good I was/n’t?)
65.  I enjoying blogging,
66.  reading blogs,
67.  and blurking.
68.  I love the smell of cut wood (like in a woodshop)
69.  I would rather swim in a pool or lake
70.  I don’t enjoy swimming in the ocean (the salt burns my legs)
71.  I tooted in front of my 5th grade class (EMBARRASSING!)
72.  I sang in a musical in 7th grade with my fly down
73.  I rode my first real rollarcoaster in 9th grade with Stephen
74.  I love roller coasters
75.  but feel the need to hold myself in (yeah right!)
76.  I LOVE Hobby Lobby!!!
77.  New York & Co. clothes fit me the best.
78.  I love McDonald’s coke.
79.  I am a conservative through and through.
80.  I had thought about enrolling in an online school to pursue a BA
81.  so that I could fulfill a dream of being a teacher
82.  I realized two days ago that I don’t have the gift of teaching…
83.  I want to start some sort of business…
84.  I would love to be a wedding planner…
85.  or an event planner…
86.  I want to go to Disney World (next fall we think…)
87.  I drove an ’88 Grand Am as my first car
88.  My aunt tried to teach me to drive a stick shift in her car
89.  I ran into a HUGE sign in it
90.  Stephen finally taught me to drive a stick shift
91.  I would love to own a Passat that can switch from manual to automatic…
92.  We would like one more child (even numbers, please)
93.  We are considering adoption down the road…
94.  Stephen and I go to concerts for our Anniversary
95.  Our first date was to the Cathedrals Quartet
96.  on Valentine’s Day
97.  I love school supplies
98.  Especially when they’re on clearance
99.  I like silver 2″ hoop earrings
100.  Mine just got bend, I need a new pair
101.  I love good chocolate…  (Green & Blacks please…) 

And that’s a wrap…


One response

  1. oooo cobalt blue–you’ll have to post pictures =)

    i loved reading this, very informative =)

    2 October 2008 at 7:51 am

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