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Do I Look Stupid… Round Two.

Just a little snippet (don’t you like that word?!?) for you.  It was Charlie, Soph and I at home today and after lunch Charlie was settling in to watch “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”  It was about an hour before Maddie got home from school and he was asking for a snack.  I asked him to wait… he ‘couldn’t’. So, I told him he could choose something from our lower shelf and put it on the countertop and eat when Maddie got home.  Well, he was rustling around a little too long…  So, I yelled a, “Finish Up…” 

Let me back up one step… on the bottom shelf are granola bars, graham crackers, fruit snacks and fruit rolls ups… cookies (including Oreos) are two shelves higher (for a very good reason, mind you.)

So, he said he was done and went back to watching a cartoon.  About five minutes later the kid walks in and starts talking about something… I don’t even know what…  and is oblivious to the chocolate goatee, complete with mustache.

“Charlie, did you have an Oreo?!?”
“No!”  said with a righteous indignant look…
“Charlie man, go look at your face…”

BUSTED!  (I love when they tell on themselves, it’s so much quieter than when they tell on each other.)


One response

  1. Jen

    Don’t you just love that!!

    By the way, I was tagged, so I tagged you. Check my blog for details. Don’t feel obligated to do it, I know you’re a busy lady!

    26 September 2008 at 8:57 am

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