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Do I Look Stupid?!?

So…  you know what’s frustrating…  when your 4, almost 5 year old is telling a blantant, I MEAN call me stupid, lie and doesn’t get how ridiculous he sounds…

Our new home doesn’t have ceiling lights for the time being so we’re in the dark a lot…  We have a few lamps but not enough.  Well, Target (I love that place) was/is clearancing all of their College stuff and we found a set of two lamps (one desk & one floor) for less that $20.  Well, last night I had to carry in Sophia so I couldn’t carry the box… so I left it in the van until I was going to put them in place. 

Fast forward to today…  Right before Maddie came home from school I noticed that in Charlie’s room there was the table lamp…  right in the middle of the floor… plugged in… no light bulb.  I didn’t say anything right away, simply moved it to the living room.  

Fast forward to dinner time…  We ran and got pizza from Fox’s and while on the way there I pointed to the box and asked Charlie if he had gotten into the box and brought a lamp inside today…

Rewind…  Previously in the day Charlie had gone out the front door (without telling me – I did hear him so he wasn’t unsupervised…) and gotten into to the van (uh, hello!) and gotten in trouble for that…

So back to pizza… so when I asked him he said, “No… sure didn’t.”

“Hmmm, that’s funny because the lamp was in your room…”

Long story short here were the top 5 ways explanations pertaining to the lamp in his room… BUT he DID NOT put it there…

5.  “I didn’t really see what happened, so I don’t know”
4.  “Maybe it floated there.”  (Seriously?!?)
3.  “Well, I opened the box, but I really don’t know…maybe, someone else put it there” (Like who, Sophia?!)
2.  “It isn’t the same one that was in the box… the one on the picture of the box has a pully thing (a pull-chain) and the one in my room just has a switcher thing…”  (Bright observation, but still wrong!)
1.  “Mom!  I know…  There wasn’t one in the box… the store left it out.”  (Yup…  still not buying it.)

Needless to say, he didn’t get pizza until he told me the whole truth…  Man, is he stubborn… it took almost an hour in his room coming up with various scenarios…  Wouldn’t the truth just be easier?!?

On another note… I finally got our bathroom painted… I love the color and the shower curtain with it.  I’m ALMOST ready to post pictures of the new place.  It’s really feeling like home… I don’t intend on moving ANYTIME soon so we’re planting/painting our roots…  

Stephen’s been gone since yesterday afternoon.  He’s enjoying his Father’s Day/Birthday Day/maybe some Christmas (just kidding, Stephen…) present… Him and his dad went to Louisville for the opening round of the Ryder Cup.  He’s a huge Mickelson fan and so they followed him around during the morning round.  THey’re on their way home now, probably another couple hours so I can still make some progress on the office area and our bedroom stuff.  (We’ve unpacked all the necessities now it’s down to the decor and stuff that we could really probably purge, but probably never will… you know that stuff that sits on your dresser and you never really need but can’t live without… that makes it feel like home, that stuff.)  So, I’m off… hope you enjoy your weekend…

We’re heading to the Eaton Pork Festival tomorrow… pulled pork, here we come!  (In High School, this was my favorite parade to march in every year… yes, for those of you who are new… I was in band… I loved it… and I’m proud to be a band geek.  I’m secretly, well, not really secretly, but I’m hoping that at least one of our kids gets into marching band… not like, makes the band ‘gets in’ but like enjoys music & Mr. Holland’s Opus ‘gets into’… anyways, have a great night.


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