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Saying Good-bye…

Please remember us tomorrow as we are saying good-bye to our friends, family, and friends that are like family at FBCV.  It still seems surreal…  We have moved in and are functioning at the new house…  We’ll have this coming week off (I think we’re going to take the kids to the zoo, etc.) and then we’ll start at FBCNL.  

God is in this thing and has given us confirmation after confirmation…  I am super excited to get in…  but my heart is going to break saying good-bye tomorrow.  I read Psalm 123 last night and started working through my homework.  Man, I love when God uses a study to speak directly to where I’m at…  it reminds me of his Sovereignty (I think that’s the right word…  if not, please know what I mean.)  

Beth sites several reasons that God is worthy of our fixed attentions and says this:
THese are also a few of the reasons why everything else will downsize into its proper place when we look to God alone.  

She asks this question and then says the following:  When every natural instinct begs us to stare wide-eyed in the face of our circumstances, demands, oppressors, and false saviors, what-or who-ultimately wins our focus?  

Where we look – where we genuinely fasten our gaze-amid continual life challenges has a tremendous impact on how we feel.  

Those things struck me last night for this reason:  Tomorrow I am praying, that I will be able to look forward (and look to the Father who has given us continual confirmation and equipped us)… fixing my eyes on our next chapter… not looking behind at the history and memories.  We will always have those and I don’t wish to diminish our investment into FBCV or the investment of FBCV into us, but tomorrow, I don’t want tears, I don’t want sadness…  I want to celebrate the next step and go out smiling.  

But, when is a good time to grieve?  Privately.  

Tomorrow night will be Stephen’s ordination.  Again, I want this to be a time of celebration…  It is.  I am so proud of him and it’ll be a great way send off.  FBCV contains the people that have been spiritual parents/grandparents, adversaries and friends, challenges and joys.  In a way I kinda feel like the church is a parent and tomorrow night FBCV will be watching Stephen grow up and leave the nest.  The hardest part of tomorrow night will be the legacy of Charles Betts… not because it’s a bad one, quiet the opposite…  he was a tremendous man of faith and he poured his life into FBCV for the service of Christ.  But, he was a pappaw first.  And both as a pappaw and a pastor he would/is proud of Stephen and I hate that he’s not here on earth for this moment.  It’s at times like these I hope that God allows our loved ones glimpses of the earthly…

Anyways, I’m going to sign off because I’m going to start talking in circles.  Please just remember us tomorrow…  Thank you.


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  1. praying for you!

    14 September 2008 at 6:55 pm

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