My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

In the Midnight Hour…

I’ll be going home…

Oh how I wish I was ready to go ‘home’… unfortunately, I forget (even though we have moved A LOT!!!) how much stuff there is to pack after you’ve packed ‘everything’… That’s the stuff I HATE!  Oh well… I’m calling it a night and I’ll resume in the morning… 

***Just an Update…  My silverware counts are as follows:
    4 Steakknives (CHECK!)
    13 Butterknives (down 3, not bad)
    13 Dinner Forks (down 3, again not bad)
    14 Salad Forks (down 2, a little better!)
    16 Tablespoons (CHECK!)
    8 Teaspoons (SERIOUSLY!!!  HOW does that happen?!?)


One response

  1. for us it’s our forks that disappear–it’s a freakin’ mystery.

    8 September 2008 at 6:41 am

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