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Fried Chicken Crawler…

The last week as been busy.  I feel like we’re driving all the time… It makes me appreciate that we don’t live in a commuting community all the time because 30 minutes to school and back STINKS!  Oh well…  I don’t have much ot post… well, I’m sure I could post a lot… God has and is good… but I’ll only post a couple little things.

Sophia started crawling last Friday night.  What’s funny is this… she is such a good little Baptist.  We were at the new house (did I mention it’s a parsonage?!? It seems weird that I will be living in a parsonage… in a way it seems like such a grown up thing to do and I don’t feel old… oh well…)  and we dont’ have any furniture over there right now so we were sitting on the floor partaking of a very nutrious meal of fried chicken, macaroni salad, green beans & red potatos, rolls and oreos… dinner straight from Groceryland…  ready to eat. 

ANYways, we were sitting on the floor and we all had our plates down on the ground and Sophia just started taking off after the chicken.  We’d move a plate and she’d go towards the next, move it, on she’d go…  That girl was crawling after FRIED chicken!  

Tomorrow I should be done painting… I felt really dumb earlier today.  I had driven to NL to drop Maddie off at school late (We were out LATE last night with my parents at a Reds’ game in Cincy so we let her sleep in a little…) so I didn’t want to go home and turn back around a few hours later.  So I was going to finish painting… well, I didn’t get the keys or the garage door opener from the van before Stephen left for work…UGH!  I was NOT going to drive back to get them… 30 minutes is NOT worth it.  So, I went to the church office and they called a trustee for me to let me in the house… how embarassing!!! 

Well, I’m gonna sign off.  We are moving on Friday…  yeah!  (kinda… that means i have to finish packing.  Tomorrow… there’s always tomorrow, right?!?)

Please pray for me…  I am so excited about this move and the ministry opportunity.  God is IN this thing and has moved very clearly.  But… (BUT!) it is going to be really tough leaving.  Whenever I’m at church and someone has come up with glossy, teary eyes… the tears start trickling down and I SO don’t want to have a water fest on our last Sunday (the 14th.)  I want to walk away with smiles and memories… not tears and kleenex…  But I’m a crier… I don’t know if tear-free eyes are possible, but I sure am praying for them. 

Okay, I’m saying good night before the tears come tonight… good night.


2 responses

  1. may the Lord bless you and your sweet family as you move with peace and mostly dry eyes. praying for you!

    4 September 2008 at 10:54 pm

  2. Our last day at Three Forks was so hard. I thought I had cried all the tears I had left until Ally started crying. She didn’t totally understand what was happening, but she was clinging to her children’s church teacher who she loved so much. We had to pry her off to put her in the car as she sobbed. I had already cried quite a bit but at that point I lost it totally. Just know that it’s okay to cry during the good-byes. Tears have been my welcome release over the past couple of months. Sometimes I just need a good cry to get me through the week! Hormones, huh? Or maybe ministry??? I have the new PMS… Partners in Ministry Syndrome.

    5 September 2008 at 11:40 am

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