My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


I love this time of night… it’s not too late (10:30 pm), the kids are sleeping, the house is quiet and dark and I can hear the crickets and other such bugs OUTSIDE!  I wouldn’t feel the same if they were INside but I love them outside.  I was able to spend the last 40 minutes with my Father and I feel better.

I must admit, I’ve been a little crabby.  I am a “I want it all done NOW… my way of getting it done is the right way…  not just the right way but the smartest way…” and I hate when things don’t go as planned or thought of.  When my list can’t be written down because there’s so much swirling around in my brain, I get a little testy.  

The bad part of this is… really, I don’t need to be stressing about any of it.  I don’t really feel stressed either.  (Although, as a side note I found out something of a heredity issue just a couple weeks ago…  mom was talking about how when her and dad were in Alaska dad didn’t have to take his blood pressure medicine but as soon as he got back to work it shot back up.  He didn’t realize work was a factor because he doesn’t feel the stress but it obviously is.  Well, funny thing… each year for the past two years, the first week of June I’ve ended up with hives…  the first week of June is two weeks before VBS…  I internalize my stress…  just like my father.)

Anyways, back to it…  I got a really decent amount of packing done today… Charlie’s room (check!), Maddie’s room (check!), half of the kitchen (almost…check!)  Stephen’s dad got home tonight… he’s been overseas for almost 6 weeks…  it’s been the longest trip he’s ever had.  The kids were so glad to see him again.  We ate Mexican at our favorite joint in town and then headed home.  So our night wasn’t stressful or even really busy, but I tell you what… everyone, including Stephen has been asleep for the last hour and the time with my Savior, my Yahweh… was just what I needed.  

A coffee would be nice right now, too… “Sound of Music” is on and what a better way to end the day…  but I’m satisfied.  I was reading, studying, praying through Psalm 121 and I loved the last verses…  The LORD will protect my coming and my goings…  How perfect that my Father would provide those verses to my tonight…  

He will protect, He will watch over, He will keep the next few weeks as we are preparing to transition… we will be walking away from FBCV…  and walking into FBCNL.  What more do I need than to know that the Creator God is with me in this thing.  That has been the most blessed assurance to Stephen and I from day one with FBCNL…  God has been the one guiding.  He won’t leave us once we’re there…  

Father, thank you so much for the precious time tonight.  Thank you for the quiet in which You can speak straight to my heart.  I am a ball of emotions and I need you like crazy right now.  Please be with those that we are leaving… comfort my dear friends and give them the peace that they need.  Father, be with those that we’re going to…  please allow me to be authentic from day one.  Please, I beg of you, help me get to know these precious people and their names.  I am so excited to serve with them.  Give them grace for our family…  Thank you so much for the amazing adventure.  We are so excited and are looking forward to seeing You in a mighty way.  Father, this is so overwhelming at times but I am crazy about You and the opportunity You are entrusting to us…  Please be my daily portion so that I don’t disappoint You…  Make me starve for You so that I can’t live without You daily.  Thank you SOOOO much for the smooth transitions with the kids so far, I was scared for those transitions and You made them beautiful.  Thank you…  

Thank you, Father, LORD…  Protect, watch over our comings and goings… Thank you…


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