My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


So, I’ve been reading about a few of your potty training sagas… I do NOT envy you.  The whole diaper things was one thing that really made we want to think our family was complete with Madeline & Charlie… no more diapers and no more potty training.  However, before you begin to celebrate the triumph of the toilet I must pass on some information to you.  

While packing up Charlie’s room tonight (almost done… maybe 1/2 more or so but I am SOOO done for the night!) I unearth certain objects.  Now Charlie has been potty trained for a long while now (He’s almost five and while he was a late-trainer he did so in a week flat… no joke! He potty trained right after he turned 3, just in case you were wondering)  Anyways, He still wears pull-ups to bed because 3 out of 5 nights he wets the bed and honestly I can’t stand washing sheets… So, back to my discovery…

FOUR WET PULL-UPS!  They were tucked under the bed in hiding!  Disgusting!  So, mamma’s beware… if you little boys are like mine they like to hide things instead of picking them up…


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