My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


I’m wiped…and honestly I feel like whining, I don’t really know why, but I do.  I won’t though.

Last night, I met at Panara with several of the girls from church and it was a great night. It wasn’t a big to do, just dinner at Panara.  It was nice just to sit and sip it in. I went a few minutes early to get my Bible Study done, it seemed like a better place than home to do it.  At home I would have seen the boxes and stuff and felt guilty for not packing or doing something about it.  So, I escaped.  It was nice.  

Yesterday we went and registered Charlie for the Pre-K classes at SCA.  I am really excited about the program.  It’s a level I kindergarten and I think it’ll be really good for Charlie-man.  He’ll start on Tuesday and we have to some supply shopping this weekend so he’s super excited that he has to buy his own school supplies.

Maddie’s had a great first week of school. She seems to have adjusted well and she’s made a couple friends to eat lunch with.  I really am liking the school system.  It’s a smaller school and it feels that way… that’s a positive thing, too!  I’m looking forward to being immersed and getting to know they moms I’m passing each day.  (I’m also REALLY looking forward to being able to put her on the bus instead of driving 30 minutes!!!  This too shall pass…)  

Well, I’m gonna check out because I’m going to start not making sense…  good night.  I’m off to the boxes!


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