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a Great Day…

So my title goes two ways.  Today, the kids and had a great day.  We had some issues but nothing major and this evening they were wonderful. 

We got home after spending several hours at Carriage Hill, a restored 1800’s working farm in Huber Hts with a penny candy store (although now the penny candy is 2 cents a piece… daggone inflation :O)  I rented a movie at Redbox and used a gift certificate for a local pizza place, Christie’s, it’s delicious and settled in for the night.  The night would have been uneventful except that I sincerely thought Charlie broke his nose.  It bled, swelled up and started to darken his eyes but alas, it’s looking better.  After baths and ice cream they settled in to watch the Olympics (Sophia was sleeping) and I headed to the shower.  I got out of the shower and checked on them and they were asleep on the couch!!!  So, it was an easy night! 

Another great day would be our wedding day.  I figured I’d just post some pictures of that for now.  One of the coolest memories I have is this.  I had wanted a nicer necklace to go with my dress, it was pretty simple and it needed something.  But after paying for everything else who wants to buy an expensive necklace.  So, I bought a necklace and earrings at David’s Bridal that I liked, not loved but liked.  The day of our wedding right before my dad and I were heading to the doors to enter my Aunt Linda gave my dad a necklack to put on me… it was from Stephen.  It was a simple necklace, a white gold chain with a single pearl and three small diamonds but it was perfect and it was a complete surprise and a wonderful memory.  The funny part is you can tell which pictures were taken before the ceremony adn which one’s were taken afterwards because of my necklace!

We LOVED our flowers, still do… Inspired by Father of the Bride.

Sarah, Aunt Julie, Ash, Tim, Stephen, Uncle TJ, Joel & John
The Wedding Party: Sarah, Aunt Julie, Ash, Tim, Stephen, Uncle TJ, Joel & John
Our Friend Steve, a WONDERFUL Piano Player
Our Friend Steve, a WONDERFUL Piano Player
My Dad & I - One of my favorite pictures of the day
My Dad & I – One of my favorite pictures of the day

And finally…  The Bride & Groom…

December 18, 1999

December 18, 1999

We look so young in these pictures.  It seems like a lifetime ago and in many ways it was.  Our life would fill a book already and it’s only been 9 years but it has been sweet.  I don’t often know how to express my love for Stephen and a lot of the time I’m not very good at receiving it from him because I feel inadequate.  Satan knows that I’m a feeling person and he preys on it…  That being said, I am so in love with my husband – Stephen, I love you through and through.  I am so proud of the man you’ve become and it is my honor to be your wife.  Thank you for that priviledge.  You are an amazing father, a gifted speaker, and a true leader. 
I’m so ready for our next adventure…bring on another 9 years!  Yours Truly…

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  1. Heidi

    I’ve never seen these pictures! except for the one your parents have in their house. you looked beautiful! (you still are beautiful. you know what I mean.)

    14 August 2008 at 5:32 am

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