My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Continuing On…

Before I begin I’m going to set some goals for myself, actually they’re already set in my head, so rather, I’m going to make them public in hopes that it makes them more concrete… 

1.  This house is going to picked up by 2:00 pm tomorrow
2.  This house will be CLEAN by 2:00 pm tomorrow
3.  This includes the little paper piles that have gathered over the last several weeks of our extreme busyiness (I don’t know how to spell that word!)
4.  Take the kids to Christie’s Pizza with BEST behavor…
5.  Buy a birthday present for a friend’s birthday part on Sunday

Other things on my To Do List this week

1.  Pick up my rings from Helzberg… My extended warranty ends soon so I sent them off to be be re-rodiumed, shined and polished!  (I LOVE CLEAN & SPARKLING RINGS!)
2.  Go downtown (ugh!) and pick up a copy of Charlie’s (and Sophia’s while I’m at it) birth certificate.
3.  Get all the clothes clean AND put away.

Okay, so I did cross one thing off my list today, both Maddie and I had hair cuts/trims this afternoon.

So…  as a little background to this next part of our story I need to mention something.  All of my family lives in Michigan (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, the whole nine yards) most of them are in the town of Whitehall which is sandwhiched between Lake Michigan and White Lake.  My Grandma Temple was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was in Jr or Sr. High.  She had a long battle and I’m really sure when it began. 

Labor Day of 1999 we were heading up to Michigan for the holiday.  I was employed at a daycare center and they weren’t very happy about letting me off the day after but Grandma Temple was getting worse so they let me take the day.  Stephen decided to drive up and spend the weekend with us as well.  I was really excited about this.  Stephen had been up to Michigan for my aunt’s weeking the previous August and met most of my extended family, but he was only up for a day and a half, literally.  So, I was looking forward to a more relaxed visit where he could get to know my extended family better.

If I remember right we had a fish fry on Sunday with the Temple’s (if you’ve never had my Grampa’s fish: Perch in a cracker crumb breading and deep friend you have not lived, my friend!)  and then Monday we were with the MacArthur’s (my mom’s side) for a cookout. 

That afternoon we were getting ready to head over to Mackie’s house and I noticed that Stephen had khaki pants… they were dark brown but like khaki’s and a button up shirt, light blue by the way.  I remember mentioning that he really didn’t need to dress up because we were just going to be hanging out.   We headed over and enjoyed the evening.  Stephen was just acting weird to be completely honest.  He kinda just sat in the living room in my gramma’s lazy boy and was just weird.  So finally he came up to me and asked if I’d want to take a drive to the lighthouse.  It was getting close to sunset and the rest of my family was getting ready to head out to the ice cream place near the lake so it all worked out.

We got to the lake (we actually got lost on our way there so we didn’t end up at the lighthouse, we ended up at the channel where Duck Lake and Lake Michigan connect…  This is a picture of it (in the daylight, but you get the picture.)

So we started walking down towards the right and the sun was just beginning to set.  (If you’ve never seen a sunset over Lake Michigan… again, you must to live!)

Sunset at Warren Dunes

So, we’re walking along and I really can’t remember what we’re talking about and all of a sudden he hands me this box…  I’m opening it up (first, I’m trying to figure out where the heck he hide the thing… he told me later on he’d been sitting with it behind his back in the car… very uncomfortable) and pull it out and I read the inscription:  Charity Betts

Let me back up a little, we were still planning on getting married on December 18.  But we hadn’t planned a thing because my mom had another rule:  No ring, no plans.  It wasn’t the actual ring that was important.. it was the offical engagement that was.  So, we had talked many a nights about it and we were also trying to be very cautious with money, etc.  I, okay I’ll preface this by saying, I think I said this outloud and we talked about it, if not I had the conversation in my head and was planning on laying this out to Stephen… I had been thinking a lot about forgoing a engagement ring and simply getting a nice wedding ring instead.  So, when I opened the Bible the first thing in my mind is that this is the engagement…

So, as I’m getting ready to say something I turn around, and there Stephen is kneeling in the sand with a ring box…  I just about cried (I may have!!!)  It was perfect.

The other major surprise was the actual ring.  You see there was ring we saw in Helzburg that I REALLY like and really liked but it was a solitare with side diamond accents and the price was a little higher than what we were intially looking at…  the ring, MY ring was that ring… I couldn’t believe it! 

That is one of my most treasured memories for many reasons but a lot of it because the entire thing took planning and Stephen planned it for me.  It didn’t just happen, it was very intentional. 

After we walked a little longer we headed back to my Grandparents house.  We tried to keep it on the downlow when we first went in because I wanted mom to be the first to know and see the ring.  As I’m in the kitchen telling her my dad comes in, or maybe mom goes to tell him and he said, “I know, Stephen asked me tonight…”  Mom was mad… my dad is very trustworthy with secrets. 

One of the coolest things was that my Gramma Temple was able to celebrate with us that night.  She lost her fight about two weeks later and wasn’t able to be at our wedding.  That was extremely hard, the hardest part was seeing my grampa alone that day.  But, that night, she celebrated and she knew. 

There was only one other little, silly thing that happened that night.  It takes the cake I promise you!!!  You see, Stephen and I had been talking about dying our hair, etc and we had talked earlier that day and decided that would would highlight his hair.  If you’ve seen any of the pictures you can see he has VERY dark hair.  So, we bought the box and planned on processing it that evening.  We did.  After the hurrays and congratulations were done and everyone was in bed, except Gramma Temple, we began the process.  We put the cap on… okay, how dumb can I be to attempt a highligh with a cap on my new fiance’ who has dark hair while NEVER doing it before… I had never even COLORED my hair at this point!!!

Long story short… it was supposed to process for 30 minutes.  After about 15 we check and it was ORANGE!  Like bad Backstreet Boy bad…  So, Stephen put a ballhat on and we headed out the door after midnight, drove 20 minutes away to Meijer and walked directly to the hair product aisle.  So, we looked at the options and decided that we needed to do two things:  #1 – remove the color that we had placed in his hair…  #2 – add back the dark color.  So we bought two products:  a hair color remover and a dye.

We drove back, applied the color remover… BUT we ONLY applied it to the highlighted spots because we didn’t want to remove his other color!!! and then applied the dye.  Again, how STUPID!!!  He ended up with SPOTS!!!  The spots were NOT a pretty color either!!!  It was AWFUL!!!

The next morning then, instead of bragging about the ring we spent it at a salon while they tried to color over it, without it pulling green – stephen’s hair is kinda ashy…  and getting it cut as short as possible while maintaining an actual hair cut.   Then we went and bought the old lady wash in/comb in color so that he could hide the remaining color variances until his hair grew out!

See, I told you it was crazy!

I was watching a movie tonight by myself and man, I miss him.  I’m going to head to bed and attempt to get some sleep.  It’s been alluding me the past several nights… but I’m getting tireder (is that word!) every day so adios!


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