My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Louisville… here we come, almost!

Well, this post will be short.  I’m tired.  But satisfied from the day.

This evening we went to Der Dutchman, an amazing amish resturant about 45 minutes away as a family.  We didn’t pack a suitcase, organize a craft or anything like that for several hours and it was wonderful. The kids got to play on a playground, feed ducks, and order dessert (Charlie:  mint chocolate chip ice cream, Maddie: Bread pudding…)

Anyways, tomorrow is extra busy.  I’m trying to finish packing the extras for the trip (Crafts, school supplies and backpacks) so that all we have to pack on Saturday evening is Stephen’s stuff.  But tomorrow… Friday… yes, TOMORROW…  a very good friend of mine, and myself, are heading to Living Proof in Louisville.  Not the simulcast, but the real deal!  We’re heading out early afternoon, having dinner with my sister who is slaving away at Boyce this summer doing j-terms… and then heading to the conference! 

I am really excited and hopefully I’m in a spot tomorrow where I can leave at peace with what is still left to do when I return.  We’ll be gone approximately 25 hrs so really it shouldn’t be a big deal…


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