My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Tired, oh so tired…

I am tired tonight.  It’s late, as you may see.  And I’m tired.  But I’m still typing, what does that mean?  I really don’t know, but oh well.  My home is quiet…  except for my typing keys.  

My hubby (I typed bubby… that wasn’t right was it?!?)  leaves for Ukraine in 5 days, I leave for LIVING PROOF LIVE in 3 days, the kids and I leave for Michigan in 5 days, what else…  I am majorly something right now.  If I had the energy or man power right now to finish packing some stuff I would.  You see, part of the mission trip is supplying backpacks and school supplies to local orphans in the Lutz region.  Great idea.  So we’ve been collecting supplies.  Some teams took $$$ with them to purchase backpacks but they run around $10 a piece so Office Depot this week has nice backpacks for $2.99, therefore, we’ve purchased 250 of them.  That means we have to pack 250 backpacks, 750 blue pens, 750 pencils, 250 sets of watercolors & colored pencils, 250 rulers and 250 erasers.  

This is on top of the 4 days of craft activities for 250 children, various crafts for 6 days of work with orphans and handicapped children, recreational supplies (including American footballs), and so on and so forth.  

Anyways, I’m in list mode, does it show?!?  

My kids went to a waterpark today with Stephen’s mom and brother and cousin… they had a blast and I was glad that they just got to have fun.  They’ve been shopping with me for the past several days and in and out of stores is breading ground for bad moods, tempers, and tiredness.  

Sophia is still not sleeping through the night.  She doesn’t do bad but I can’t keep her up much past 9:30 and I am not ready to go to bed then and then she wakes up around 2:30 am.  So, it’s ‘technically’ sleeping through the night (5 hours) but I wish it was more.  Last night she did really well.  She woke up at 2:30 but I went out and put her pacifier (pac – pronounced pass) twice and she slept until 5:30.  Anways, I was telling Stephen that I wish she would sleep longer and he suggested we get a hamster bottle and attach it to the side of the bed…  I laughed.  It’s very tempting though.

I am wondering though…  I bottlefed by other two at this point (well, I never nursed Maddie and I only nursed Charlie for about a week and a half…) So I was wondering, do nursing babies take longer to sleep through the night because the milk is easier to digest therefore making it digest quicker?!?  The things I wonder…  I’ll to research that but not tonight.  

I’m going to bed… (actually I’m already there, I’m simply shutting down… Good night!)


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