My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

A New Addiction…

Just thought I’d let you know what our new addiction is…  the Brain & Word Game on Facebook. Stephen and I have been sitting at separate computers for over an hour now battling each other and other friends’ scores…  It’s been a nice way to end the day.

Actually, no, the best way to end the night was this…  I took the kids to bed and honestly, they just needed to go. So I kissed them good night, turned on the cd, Adventures in Odessey, and left the room.  A little while later, and I am entirely convinced that this only happened because someone didn’t want to go to sleep yet, Charlie came down and reminded me that we forgot to pray.  

So, I trudged back up the steps and let them each pray and the coolest thing for me is to see that they remember what they’re taught on Sundays.  I LOVE when Maddie comes home and can retell the story or tell me what ‘Mamma Judy’ said today.  

I adore hearing Charlie sing the ‘new song that I don’t really know that well that Ms Caffy (Cathy)’ taught him.  God has blessed us so richly by godly men and women that love our kids enough to be another authority in their lives that teach them that God IS love, Jesus can be their best friend, and that they need to treat others like they want to be treated!  That is such a blessing… it honestly brings me to tears because I realize that I can’t take that for granted.  I don’t really think that any of their teachers will read this here but just to give them credit… Ms Jennifer, Ms Kristie, Mr Darrell, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Staci, Ms. Roxanne, Mamma Judy & Mr. Ken… Thank you for teaching our kids about the infinite love of our Savior.  

(And also to Mr. Curt, Ms. Sue, Ms. Pat & Ms. Barb…  I never worry about our sweet Sophia.  You have held each of my babies and loved on them like they’re your own grandbabies…  thank you.)

As I’m wrapping this up, the anxiety is slightly picking up on all that needs ot be done this week…

250 backpacks need to be stuffed with 1 box colored pencils, 2 erasers, 2-3 pencils, 2-3 blue ink pens, watercolors, and a ruler.  Those 250 backpacks need to (by God’s grace!) fit NICELY into two, hopefully, suitcases/duffel bags, so that if a customs officer gets ridiculous and decides to search each bag that they can fit back into the case they came out of.  

I need to spot treat, wash, starch, and iron Stephen’s shirts for his trip.  I’m going to be trying liquid starch in hopes that it will hold the ironing better than just spray starching them.

I need to finish organizing the crafts that they’re taking with them on the trip.  I really do love planning, purchasing, and organizing crafts and other events.  

Anyways, it’s time to turn it in.  Maybe if I remember I’ll post what I want to be when I grow up.  I have about a million ideas… maybe we’ll take a poll and you can decide for me.  There are a few non-negotiable items (wife & mom), but other than that I have more ideas than years left in my life.  

So, auf weidersehen!


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