My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Oh, I don’t know… Random Thoughts

Okay, so you want to know a secret?!?  I hate coming up with titles!  It’s horrible!  I always feel like they’ll either be better or worse than what I write – It’s a lot of pressure for a “firstborn, frustrated perfectionist”
I’ll try better next time. 

Here’s a couple pictures from camp that I promised yesterday (was it yesterday?!?)
Recreation Pictures

The Beached Whale

(How you become a beached whale!  ha!)  This is Ashley & I

Stephen and our right hand man, Neil

This is how you entertain kids as your sitting at a stand still on I-70 east for 3 1/2 hours… a bouncy ball!!!
The stage and band – an amazing job!!!

(This is how we looked after only 9 hrs in the bus, imagine how we looked after 25 hrs or travel and no showers for about 48…  yeah, not a pleasant picture, huh?!?)

I realized as I was looking through pictures just now that I shouldn’t post most because I didn’t really ask permission and they’re not my kids, so you got to look at me mostly.


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