My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

“This is the Camp that never ends… it just goes on and on my friends…”

Did you like my seranade?  Okay, I can’t even spell that word, but you get the jist…

So, it’s taken me a while to post about camp.  We kinda hit the ground running.  Time is ticking down on the days between now and when Stephen leaves for the Ukraine.  We went out over the weekend and bought gifts for his host home, interpreter, etc.  We had to buy kleenex (the tp of choice…), bug spray (essential…), and immodium (even far more crucial…).  We also added some fun things that his team will be using at the orphanges… flag football sets, footballs, soccer balls, playdough, etc…  Have I mentioned that I am so stinking jealous and utterly bummed that i am not going to be on that airplane?!?  Well, I am…  It stinks! 

I just have to remind myself that, one day I will want my babies to babies again and they won’t be and on that day, THEN I can get on an airplane and go to Ukraine and hold other babies…  It’s all a timing issue.  Anyways, BACK TO MY SONG…

So, we took a group of kids to Student Life for Kids this past week.  I would endorse them, beg you to take your kids, invite my friends and enemies alike, etc… to check out this camp.  They do an AMAZING job!!!  They are organized (A+), they provides great small group materials, plan awesome rec time, pick great facilities, and have the BEST large group environments I’ve experience for kids.  They have a drama team call All Things to All People that are so super talented that it’s not even funny and a band led worship that was GREAT relating to kids… their music was awesome and current but they knew exactly how to connect with the kids.  (Oh, they’re name was Unhindered.)

Anyways, off of my Student Life soap box.  We had to meet at the church ungodly early, 5:00 am!!!  We were on the road by 5:45 with was a great start and it took us only 10 hrs (did I say only!) 10 hours to get their.  We had a group of 13 which is kinda low considering we can run up to 70 – 3rd thru 6th graders but the distance and cost went into some families’ decisions.  So, we had 13… 10 boys and 3 girls and we had 4 adults…  Neil – our trust bus driver by day and in general a great #2 guy to have, Stephen, Ashley – I’ve mentioned her before, she’s turning 21 and is a host for us on Sunday morning… Ashley and Bryon (her new fiance’ of less than  month) and going to make an amazing impact in ministry together…) and myself!

We had a great week but man some funny (and not funny) stuff can happen in only four days.  We had two ‘STOLEN!!!” wallets… Yeah, both ended up being on the bus right where they were left.  We had a couple of thie PICKIEST eaters and yes, my mom hat came out and I watched at least one of them on more than one occasion eat at least one piece of meat or vegetable… the kid had two rolls, a bowl of cereal, a creasant, two desserts, a peice of toast, and probably at least 6  ‘suicides’ (just for your knowledge… a mixture of every pop on tap in one cup… disgusting!!!)  That was his daily consumption…  we had to put our foot down!!!

This was the first time I had been to camp in a really long time (like 11 years i think…) and I really did enjoy myself.  I led a small group of 4 – 5th/6th grade guys.  I wasn’t sure how that was going to work but it really did work…  It was a stretching experience for me and I enjoyed it. 

However, the funniest thing (which I do have one picture of that I’ll post tomorrow) was the sobering reality that 1) I am not meant to play on water inflatables like kids or guys… 2) I do look like a beached whale and therefore need to pick up the pursuit to lose my extra blubber…  3) I am infinately grateful that I was not the only female adult in the water that was having issues… and 4) Water inflatables really are a TON, TON, TON harder than they look…  They steps are NOT easy to mount and it takes grace which I do NOT have…  Let’s just say while is was a blast, it was VERY humbling…  I creeping, crawling, blubbering, 27 year old female, move with the grace of a monkey is not very flattering… 

So… you may be questioning my title… (Have you noticed I have a BAD habit of titling a post something and then not getting to it until 700 words later?!?)  Anyways, so we get on the bus and on the road on Wednesday morning early… and HOUR early in fact.  I was  excited.  I was honestly aching to see my babies – and my not so small babies…  We were making pretty good time.  We stopped and had McDonald’s, the ol’ camp stand by and were heading through Illinois when we got stuck on I-70 east.  I mean STUCK!  We sat in traffic for THREE and a HALF HOURS without moving  an INCH!!!  Our boys all used the wooded restroom once and the three girls even had to break down and go!!!  We got stuck around 6:00 and didn’t move until 9:30.  The bad thing was we hadn’t eaten dinner yet so we were starved. 

So, that might be bad enough, but no… it’s not!!!  We eat a BK (which I like BK, but it does something that McD’s doesn’t… it messed with my stomach) so we eat BK… get on the highway… drive a few miles and guess what… yup, another traffic jam.  (Both were caused by accidents so were able to pray with the kids for the cars involved and praise Him that we weren’t involved, but still…)So we sat, another HOUR and a HALF! 

Finally, we start trucking.  We’ve already had to call parents at least twice and let them know the status.  So, about 1:00 am I am woken up because it sounds like we’ve hit a rumble strip… NOPE!  We blew a rear tire.  Are you kidding me?!?  Nope I’m not… we blew a tire and hour and a half away from home at 1:30 am with a bus full of 3 – 6th graders…  Stephen ended just deciding we needed to stay at Super8 and negotiated with them, allowing us to sleep 6 to a room. 

Long story short…  it took us TWENTY-FOUR/FIVE hours to get from Missouri to Ohio.  How ridiculous is that?  (We didn’t shower in like thirty-six hours… that’s even worse!)

All in all it was great.  I was grateful I was able to go and enjoy myself.  My kids were great and the grandparents enjoyed their time with them.  (They get less of it with them because I’m not working anymore…)

Well, this is entirely too long and if you’re still reading, I’m sorry.  Tomorrow I’ll try to post some pictures of the fun!!!


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