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Missing Pappaw…

Charles Betts

This picture is of pappaw…  Charles Betts.  It’s funny, I have thought all day today was the 17th and I’ve been thinking that I was going to write this post tomorrow.  I went to three stores and wrote checks for the 17th and then realized at some point tonight when my mom called to check on everyone that it was in fact the 18th…  You see, last year today was when pappaw met our Savior… 

So, today, rather tonight as I sit at the desk, I am fighting the tears of loss.  It still doesn’t make sense, but one day it will and we know that we have a hope.   Our family hasn’t grieved as one without hope, because we know that we will see pappaw once again but…

He is still tremendously missed.  The night he died I remember sitting up by myself, unable to sleep.  I had written out a eulogy (I didn’t spell that right, sorry…)  I had tossed it around in my head asking to speak at his funeral…  I never did ask, call me chicken or whatnot but it worked out.  Stephen spoke representing the grandkids and he did me, pappaw, and everyone else proud. 

But, instead, I wanted to write just a little about him tonight so that maybe you could understand the loss and also, just so I can express myself…  You see, my family moved here when I was turning six and Bro. Betts became my pastor at that time.  Bro. Betts baptized me when I was eight because I had decided that I could finally hold my breath long enough under water so it would be okay :O)  Bro. Betts & Joyce also served as my grandparents on grandparents day at Rushmore Elementary…  Mine were always in Michigan so they came as surrogates.  Pappaw was the coolest one there because he jump roped to Cinderella, dressed in yellow…  

Then came this daggone handsome guy named Stephen and low and  behind it was Bro. Betts’ grandson.  I fell hook, line and sinker for him.  Pappaw married us and that’s when he became my pappaw.  He dedicated our Madeline…  He was a rock in some very difficult times…  He was my boss for a few years and Stephen’s for almost seven…  He taught more about ministry in his actions than can be learned by years in the books…  He displayed and taught and lived the principles of patience, integrity, putting your family first, and so much more.  He possessed wisdom that was far beyond what I ever hope to aquire.  We watched as he sacrificied portions of his own life to take care of mammaw as her health declined, never once complaining and always willing to give more and more of himself. 

I wish you could have known our pappaw…  You would have loved him.  He has the respect of EVERYone at church…  even those that disagreed respected his leadership and integrity.  He impacted the community of Vandalia and was used to change lives.  He served diligently here for 33 years… 

Probably the hardest part for me is knowing that he will never enjoy Sophia (he LOVED Maddie & Charlie and wasn’t afraid to be silly with them…) and that he would be so proud of Stephen right now…  Stephen would have made him proud this year…  He would be Stephen’s biggest support and advocate in this new direction our life will be leading us at some point near or far in the future and I think I can safely say he is Stephen’s role model for a pastor. 

Simply put, I miss him…  a lot.  I wish you could have know him.  I realize this post is kinda depressing but I’m kinda just missing him…  He was a wise, godly man of integrity with a sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye.  I’m placing a utube video below.  His last sermon was so appropriate…

(Just in case you don’t know…  Pappaw had a stroke last March.  It was totally unexpected.  We waited and prayed for recovery until July 17th when he finally went home.  He didn’t know this would be his last sermon but oh how sweet it is to know it was…)

“Why I’m a Christian…”  Pastor Charles Betts



Good night…


2 responses

  1. Leah Higgins

    I just stumbled across your blog and this post is amazing. You described him so well-it makes me sad I didn’t know him BETTER. I never knew he and Joyce went to grandparents day with you…who would’ve known he really would be your pappaw? : ) Thanks for sharing your memories…

    28 July 2008 at 12:52 am

  2. Hi…

    I found your blog by trying to find how to spell pappaw. I’m going to be one in October.

    I don’t usually respond to things I see on the internet. But when I read a little of yours, I think God led me to yours.

    I’m a pastor. Though my pappaw was not a pastor, he was the most godly man I knew and your post helped remind me of him.

    Thanks for sharing your heart so openly for others to read. Just know that what you have written resonates with many others.


    BTW – I live in Michigan and if your Vandalia is the one in Ohio, I’m from Middletown & wife from Bellbrook. My daughter lives in Tipp City. Enough personal stuff.

    27 April 2009 at 9:59 pm

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