My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Where’s “It”?

First let me say… I love Saturday mornings.  At least the Saturday mornings where you don’t have to be anywhere and the kids come into our bed and we just lay there watching cartoons…

Yesterday…  let’s just say that my day yesterday was pretty good.  However, Stephen’s day yesterday could be summed up like this…  You know the guy at the parades that walks behind the horse mounted riders and has to clean up the poop so that no one else will walk through it?  That was kinda his job yesterday.  Details aren’t necessary, we’ll just leave it at miscommunication can cause a lot of poop…

I have mentioned before that this last year has been a rough one, well, I guess it’s now been almost a year and a half… This week will mark one year that pappaw has been waiting for us in heaven.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday and others, well, sometimes I just feel old. 

We have known from the beginning that God is preparing us for His service, no matter what that might be.  Stephen has served diligently where we are now, FBC, for almost seven years.  It has been a tremendous church for us to learn, grow, and serve it.  We’ve been able to gain experience in almost every ministry area within the local church body.  This last year though has taught us the nitty-gritty that no one chooses to learn and when you’re in it, you either handle it with grace (God’s grace and only by His grace…) or you end up black marking you, your family and ministry… 

So what’s “It”?  I don’t really know… I know that we are where God intends us to be.  We have a peace about that.  We know that God’s preparing us, as he prepares all of us, everyday whether we know it or not for the next step in His plan. 

We were talking last night after listening to most of a message by Andy Stanley that he gave at a Catalyst conference.  He was sharing the story about David when he had to opportunity to become king by killing Saul.  It looked like that everything was lined up…  David was in the cave, Saul comes in, releaves himself and leaves himself completely vulnerable… yet, David waits.  He waits because there was ONE issue with killing him…  It was against God’ law.  Andy shared that sometimes EVERYTHING points in one direction and it seems like a ‘God-thing’ yet, there’s ONE thing that stands in the way…  it can be one verse, one opinion of a trusted mentor, or one whatever…  The thing is…  David being king was God’s will, he was God’s annointed but it wasn’t his to take…  God delievered the crown in his timing in his way.

That’s where we are now.  We feel like we have great confidence in Stephen’s, and  our’s as a family, calling.  There was a ministry opportunity that presented itself two months ago that ‘made sense’.  We felt great peace about the process but in the end it didn’t work.  I don’t know why, I still struggle with understanding it… (My personality is:  I can handle anything if I know who, what, where, when, and WHY!!!)  Now, we are being pursued by another ministry opportunity and this one makes less sense, it seems like more work, it’s definitely something Stephen never would have considered even a year ago, but somehow all of that is making it seem like it coule possibly be the path we will soon travel.

A blog I was reading through this morning posted the following and I really loved what it said, It spoke right where my ear was…

<Micah 7:7 – We are watching in hope, waiting on God,” not for any man.

<Isaiah 22:22 that He will “give us a key to open the door that no man can shut. I’ll drive the peg in a very firm place for you.” He will. “God answers; God looks after us.”- Hosea 14:8.

<“God is taking care of us on every side.” 2Chron 32:22. No matter what!

<We want to hear our God saying “Go to the place I send you.” Genesis 12:1. We wait for no man, just on our God to say the word.

Thank you, Bev, for sharing your experience and what God was speaking to you…  He spoke through you a moment of peace for this anxious heart and we wait to see what “it” is… 

Father, we wait for no man, we simply wait on You to speak…  We will go and serve with diligence and excited because it’s about eternity…  Thank you so much for the lessons we’ve been learning and thank you for choosing to use us… it’s our priveledge and passion.


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