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Shredded Wheat…

I know it’s a funny title,  I’m sitting here at the computer desk… the kids are outside, not fighting, for the next minute or so, Sophia’s asleep, for a couple minutes longer, and I’m eating shredded wheat… FROSTED shredded wheat, the other kind is gross, to me.  I have a process of eating it that’s kinda funny…  I pour a bowl of milk and I put in 5 pieces at a time…  any more than that and I can’t eat them fast enough so the frosting disappears and any less and they don’t get soft enough.  I’m weird.

I have had a stomach ache now for days… we did all have the flu but I’m beginning to think that mine is partially nerves.  I’m not going to get enough milk pumped… it will be okay, Sophia will not starve.  We leave for camp at 5:00 am on Sunday morning, I’ll probably cry when we leave my mom’s house on Saturday night after dropping off the kids…  It’s fine and I’m excited but I’ll still probably cry at the separation.  (However, I have been relishing the thought of 4 full nights of sleep but then I remember it’s camp… yeah right.)

I have to pack but I’d like to get to the pool today, again, sitting here is really helping that goal but I’m multitasking by eating and typing. 

Stephen’s dad is a fulltime evangelist who works primarily in eastern Europe… Ukraine.  Stephen has been on several trips with his dad, but none since we’ve been married.  (We both went the year before we got married  but that was the last trip.)  (Oh, Stephen has been to Lebanon – the country, not city – to run children’s crusdaes while his dad has been preaching at the citywide adult crusades/celebration (crusades are Ukraine, celebrations are Lebanon…) 

Anyways, DBEA with the support and endorsement of the IMB and Ukrainian Baptist Union have organized 100 citywide crusades that will take place throughout the entire country in unreached cities (as determined by the above ministries).  Each city has an American team that will consist of someone to lead children’s celebrations, youth rally, worship, businessmen meetings, and then someone to preach on the street and lead the three/four days of preaching. 

Our church is sending over a team and Stephen is leading it.  Our team leaves on August 3 and will be there until the 13 or 14…  Our team will be an amazing ministry team and includes some of our best friends, Chris & Amy (they lead worship and work with us in children and also lead worship in our Student Ministry), Autumn (a phenominal young lady that is so grounded and knowledgeable in God’s word that it puts me to shame), Saralyn (a very gifted young lady that has a heart for children – she loves mine even when Charlie decides to pee – yes PEE – on the living room floor, smiling at her and Maddie… Yes, that happened just two days ago…), Jeff & Lois (a wonderful couple that have blessed our lives and ministries at many different times), and one girl I don’t know. 

So here’s the deal… I’m jealous and I’m bummed… I’m not going.  I’m a mom of three that knows this season will pass and one day I will be able to go but it just isn’t the right time.   It still doesn’t help.  I am SOOO super excited for Stephen, it will be a phenominal experience for him and I think it will only further confirm his calling… 

The trip is coming up quick and we still have several things to get or get ready…  I’m praying Elder Beerman will have decent sales when we come home from camp… 

Anyways, so right now, I’m sitting in a slight funk but my shredded wheat are gone, my baby’s fussing and I have three suitcases to pack.  I’ve got several more bricks on my mind that can’t be unloaded yet, but one day soon… hopefully soon…


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying reading yours!

    12 July 2008 at 1:51 pm

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