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4 Days, 13 Bags, & 3 Suitcases to Go…

So, in four days I will be embarking on an adventure that I have been on in…  this takes way to long to figure out…  12 years, maybe 11, I think…  Summer camp!  I have never been as a chaperone before which is kinda crazy to think about since Stephen’s been a children’s pastor for 7 years…  well, I guess I acted as a chaperone the last two years at our Elevate Events (we didn’t do camp, we did weekend retreats) but it was one night.  This year three night, technically four because we’re dropping the kids off to my parents on Saturday night because we have to meet at the church at 5:00 am… is that a godly hour on a Sunday? 

Anyways, I’m kinda nervous.  You see, my role is the behind the stage, run the lighting, sound, computer/media shout…  Make the props, buy the props, paint the props…  Fill in as small group leader, find small group leaders, copy small group leader materials…  Iron the shirt, clean the kids, grab the last minute stuff before Sunday morning help mate.  So the role will be slightly different.  Also, the camp is Missouri… it’s like almost a 9 hour drive.  That’s way to far away if something happens or if Sophia is having a cow…  Also, it’s the first time I’ll be leaving Sophia.  The other two I left around this time to for various reasons but I never made it this far with the nursing bit… 

That’s the 13 Bags…  I didn’t plan it out far enough a head and I’m at crunch time on pump time.  I need 13 more feedings before Saturday night around 8:00 pm… that’s a lot!!!  Worse case, she’ll have formula once a day.  Not a huge deal, but still…  It’s nerve wracking because I don’t want her to have a rough couple days. 

Oh well, I am nervous and excited.  It’s kinda weird that this is the year I’m embarking on this adventure… It could be the last year that Stephen is children’s pastor… it could not…  We are so a drift right now simply waiting for the neon sign to light up and say, “Yohooo!  You’re called to this position at this church so get there!”  Right now there are a couple signs, but none lit.  God has been in the process of transitioning us for a couple years now… slowly at first and lately it’s been class 4 and class 5 rapids, but it’s been exciting and at the same time I want to eat a roll of tums… 

Oh well, the 3 suitcases need ot be planned out so I’m going to work on that tonight…  One for the kids, one for me, and one for Stephen…


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  1. Jen

    I so know what you mean about waiting on God. We thought we’d be leaving next month for Australia. We’ve been on deputation for just over 2 years. We got news today that it could be 6-8 more months until we get our visas! I know God’s ways are higher than ours, that we need to wait on Him, but its SOOOOO hard! I just want to jump on a plane and go, but that would be jumping ahead of God, wouldn’t it!! I don’t like unknowns…I guess no one does. Praying that the Lord shows you His will in His perfect time, please pray the same for me!!!

    9 July 2008 at 10:49 am

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