My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Fireworks, Toilet Works, and more…

So, we headed off to spend a couple days at Whitewater State Park with Stephen’s family…  my parents, sister and friend, and Drew’s (brother-in-law) parents and sister, were joining us for a cookout on the fourth!  It was looking like a great holiday weekend.  And it was…   Here’s some pictures of our BBQ:

The Burger Meister…  vs.  The Burger Master  (Charlie & My Dad)

Manning the Hotdog Pit (Stephen & Dad)

Sister-In-Laws Watching the Cornhole Tournament (Ashley & Stacy)

Disputing a Call (Charlie, Stephen, Greg  – Drew’s Dad)

Father/Son (Greg & Drew)  Mother/Daughter (Mom & Sarah)

Daddy & Charlie on the same team…

Renee (Drew’s mom) & Sophia chillin’…

The Newlyweds (Ash & Drew – 1 year next month!)

Are monkey’s the only ones that have fun swinging ?!?

Maddog with Nanna & Grammy… Hopefully one day Maddie will appreciate the blessing of having grandma’s that are friends and close by…)

Don & Linda (Stephen’s mom and dad)

Sisters:  Me & Sarah…  (Photographer:  Charles Wesley Betts)

On Saturday, Don & Linda rented a pontoon for us.  It was a great time.  I have more pics than those below but out of respect, I’ll only post those that I would want posted of me :O)

My Girl, Madeline…

My Charlieman…

Drumroll please, the most glamerous couple on earth…  (In the most flattering pictures ever, NOT!)

My baby girl Sophia…

  Too much fun in the sun!!!

So, you’re probably wondering where the Toilet Works comes in.   So, here’s the deal… We got there on Thursday evening and Grandma (you’ll notice she wasn’t in any picture above…) got sick.  I mean, sick with the flu virus.  She was throwing up all night and stayed in her room in the cabin all day on the 4th.  Don was also wrestling with the bug on the 4th.  Everyone has a grand day on the 4th & then the 5th comes. 

Saturday & Sunday, July 5th & 6th, will go down as history as the most flushed day in the history of the Betts/Temple/Jackson Home…  Out of everyone that attended our shindig (Don, Linda, Ash, Drew, Grandma P, Dad, Mom, Sarah, JD, Greg, Renee, Stacy, Stephen, Madeline, Charlie, Sophia, and I) – that’s 17 people – 13 people clung to the porcelean those two days.  We would consider it food poisoning but Grandma was sick when she came and Tim, Stephen’s brother who wasn’t able to come, was sick at home… so that leaves a nasty virus that hit hard!   Not a very fun way to wrap up a great weekend but oh well… what do you do?  Surrendar to the flush :O)


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