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An Answer to Prayer, A Weekend Recap, & Random Thoughts…

So, my big answer to prayer is as follows:  The previous week, Sophia has started on a new funky schedule.  She goes to bed between 9:30 & 10:30 pm, wakes up at 2:15 (+ or – 15 minutes, I promise you, I’m not exaggerating…) and then again somewhere between 6:30 & 7:30 am.  So all in all, two five hour stretches really isn’t bad at all… however, I’m haven’t been ready to go to bed until midnight or so… SO, that means I’m getting up after only an hour or so.  ANYways, so last night as I was laying her down I prayed, “Please Lord Jesus… let her sleep at least until 3:00 am…”  In my mind I was thinking I’d love it if she slept until 6:00 but I only prayed until 3:00…  She woke up at……..drum roll please, 3:15!!!  Can you believe it.  This is why (and other cases just like this) that I am convinced that God has a sense of humor :O)

So, our weekend included the following:

1.  A Birthday Party (lots of fun… and lots of princesses) for a very dear friend, Selah who turned 3 yrs old!
2.  A Movie:  P.S. I love you was really good.  (If you need a good cry, rent it, then you’ll have an excuse)
3.  A Another Thought Provoking Opportunity… 
4.  A Trip to the Mall (Elder Beerman is currently having their yellow dot clearance again and I got some good deals on pajamas and some shirts for Maddie & Charlie for school this fall!)
5.  A MAJOR Bump on a head (I mean it rose up faster than Lazarus…  Charlie & Maddie collided on their bikes causing the accident.)
6.  A scrapped cheek (another result of the accident)
7.  Burnt rib-eye steaks (another casulty of the accident!  I was majorly ticked… not at anyone, just at the fact that the rib-eyes were burnt, charred really…)
8.  A trip to DQ (Dairy Queen, we really do love ice cream…)
9.  Stephen preached…  He did a fabulous job.  (He made everyone cry :O)
10.  Two new hair-dos… Maddie ended up with gum in her hair last night and this morning Charlie came down with a new hair cut…  yup, he cut his hair and not just a hair, but a chunk right out of the old bangs…  Charlie’s hair had looked nice, a #4 on the sides, #8 on the top blended just right… now it’ll have to be a #1 or #2, we told him we’d have to cut it like pappaw’s… cue ball bald :O)

I’m at the church right now running some copies and Stephen had a message in the van going as I was driving over… we live 1 mile away so really it’s not that far but in that 1 mile here’s what I got…

Andy Stanley was speaking at catalyst to church leaders and he challenged them as follows…
  – Lead diligently
  – Fear no one (God has entrusted this position to us, He trusts us with this position and He’s the only one that can remove us…)
  – Remember that we’re stewards of our positions, stay humble


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  1. I just read your comments on the Preacher’s Wife. We are Reggie Joiner fans as well, and using their materials at our church. It’s been a wonderful change for us and our church!

    2 July 2008 at 10:25 am

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