My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

On a Lighter Note…

I actually walked to excersize tonight… I need to continue this.  Schwan’s comes in the morning bringing more blessed ice cream… I’m really into ice cream right now. 

I am on a mission to pump enough milk to cover while I’m with Stephen at camp… four days really doesn’t seem long until I started doing the math and realized that I should have started a month ago… and for some reason I’m having a supply issue…  (ugh!)  I’m drinking water (yuck!) and taking Mother’s Lactation Tonix (triple-yuck, it tastes like anise… gross!

I’m considering posting my weight and then track progress online I simply haven’t been brave enough yet.  We’ll see… 



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  1. Jen

    mmmm….schwans ice cream!! Take a couple of bites for me!

    Thanks for your comment. I’ve lived in the Hershey, Lancaster, Gettysburg area my whole life. There is lots of cool stuff to do! In Hershey, obviously is Hersheypark. Hershey also has the Chocolate World, which is free and they give you a small candy bar on the way out. In the same building, they have a place where kids can make their own candy, I think its called the Cholcolate Factory. Lancaster has Dutch Wonderland (which is owned by HersheyPark. It has all kids rides. There are also a TON of outlets in Lancaster and Hershey. A big scrapbooking outlet store in Hershey, by the way!! Lancaster also has the Sight and Sound Theatre. It is currently playing “In the Beginning” which is the story of Creation and Adam and Eve, it is excellent! Also, just down the road from the theatre is the Strasburg Railroad, occaisionally they have Thomas there. There is also a railroad motel, where you can stay in a train car. And of course, Gettysburg has all the battlefield stuff. They have a CD you can buy to play as you are driving through Gettysburg, I’ve never done it, but I heard its really neat.

    You can google any of those places for open times and such. Those are just some of my suggestions. If you have any questions about anything let me know. Nice meeting you! Hope you have fun when you vacation here!!

    ~Jen (

    28 June 2008 at 6:07 am

  2. aw, i love schwan’s–we had in it NY but not in NJ! boo! i started a weight loss blog….yeah…i haven’t written in about a month–my motivation comes and goes =)

    21 July 2008 at 10:02 am

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