My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Mark it Down!!!

Just an FYI…  For those of you that know me, I am a procrastinator… MAJORLY!  For those that don’t, you would say I’m an organized person that has it together.  I guess I’m a little of both (Okay, not that i have it together but I can organize anything… once!  I can’t stay organized to save my life.  I lose receipts that I should save, I throw away checks, etc.!  None of these things I’m proud of, they’re simply part of my resolve to be more responsible by 30.) 

Anyways, VBS ended Friday and TODAY… mere days later, I mailed back our extra material to Lifeway.  Every year in the past I am at the post office (or the other secretary from church does it for me) the week before it’s due back to Lifeway!  I am so happy!

My kids are fighting like CRAZY right now!   They are acting like daggone fools most of the time… driving me nuts!  I’m torn between knowing that I asked a lot of them over the past two weeks with VBS, etc., and knowing that they should be able to obey simple instructions and NOT ARGUE with each other ALL the TIME!  

I’ve been trying to think of things to do this summer so that we stay busy and also that gives me goals for housework… i.e.  laundry has to be done so that i can _____ with the kids on Wednesday. 

My goals include getting to the pool once a week.  I need to look at the weekly forecast today and see which two days may be options this week. 

I am also planning on taking them to Bookworm Wednesdays.  It’s at Showcase Cinemas in town and they offer free movies for a bookreport to all kids 6 yrs & up.  All kids 6 & under are free as long as they’re with a book report person and parents are free, too.  This week they’re showing Jonah, the Veggietale movie.  So I’m looking forward to that excusion. 

We’re going to the lake next week for a couple days, and we’re trying to get away and use one of Stephen’s vacation’s week sometimes but we’ll see.  The week we were thinking about isn’t working out so I’ve got to look at hotel days and our calendar. 


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