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You Know What Stinks…

I mentioned in my previous post that I videotaped Maddie & Charlie in the VBS musical so that we could share their performances with grandparents who weren’t able to be here and it triggered in my mind another few thoughts that didn’t fit with that post so here’s what I think stinks…

I think it stinks that sometimes when life changes…those changes make your life more complicated.  I think it stinks that because of this past year at FBC:

1.  We don’t know how Stephen will be ordained because the person he would want to do the ordination sermon isn’t quite comfy coming back to preach it and there  isn’t any other option.  The ordination will happen, it just isn’t going to be an easy thing and it should have been one of the highlights of Stephen’s life.  (He’ll be fourth or fifth generation… very cool, rich legacy.)

2.  We probably won’t dedicate Sophia for a while because we won’t have all of the grandparents present for that. 

3.  Awana awards nite and VBS musicals normally were attended by all of our extended family and now it’s been more than cut in half.  So far it hasn’t struck our kids to really ask why because grandparents make a big deal about the awards,etc. when they see them, but it still stinks that they are losing out on that when we’re still so close because there will be a day when we’ll be states away and it won’t be an option.

4.  I hate when one of the kids asks a grandparent, “Are you coming to church tonight?” and the response is, “I don’t go to your church anymore… I go to another one.” 

Oh well, sometimes life just stinks and it’s not a matter of any one event or anyone’s fault it just simply does.

The other thing that overwhelmed me one night this week was this was offically the first VBS without Pappaw.  Last year, Pappaw was in the hospital but I remember going and telling him how many kids were there and the responses on Thursday night and what we tried new or different and he was still here.  But last year, we never dreamed that he wouldn’t ever come back to say, “Good morning boys and girls” and have the kids respond “Good morning Brother Betts”…  that same thing was said for 34 years… and it will never be heard again, the end of a legacy.

Our pastor search committee is in the throws of resumes right now.  They’re doing a great job and it’s coming towards the end.  We, Stephen and I, are so ready for the transitional time to end, but at the same time, the finality of a new pastor will hit as well…  It will no longer be pappaw’s church (Okay, not that it’s his church and he’d roll over in his grave if he thought that’s what I really meant… Pappaw was never about himself, only about Christ.)  But, it’ll still be hard.  The hard part is, right now, there’s no mention of him because of the guardedness that comes with using the Betts name… and it’s unfair to Pappaw’s legacy.  He served the church and the community of Vandalia for 34 years…  God used him to make a difference and change lives…  The part he’s played in the vision and direction of the church should be remembered and honored and shouldn’t be blemished. 

Right now, without leadership, the church is doing okay.  We’re treading water, not really moving forward but we really haven’t experienced any significant loss either.  The thing that really stinks right now though is the murmurers… We have heard multiple times, “Well, for 20 some years my voice wasn’t heard and my opinion didn’t matter so now it’s time it’s heard…”  What a bunch of balogne…  Pappaw’s door was open to anyone that wanted to question him.  The fact is, most people didn’t want to because they respected the man he was so much… now though, without a definite leader, they feel it’s okay to question everything…  Sickening. 

Oh well, that’s my stinking list.  God is good and gracious and ever so faithful.  Stephen mentioned the thought of staying the other day… while we don’t know where God is leading us or what His purpose for our lives is, to hear Stephen mention staying as a possibility made me happy… not because of the desire to stay, but simply because it marks growth within him.  This year has been hard on him but there has been such marked growth that no one can deny it.  It is evident that God is preparing to use him in a might way.  That is what has made the growing pains bearable…


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