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The Final Hallelujah!

VBS is over… and it was a success!  What makes VBS a success?!?  Here’s what I think:

1.  We had record attendance.  We over up about 7% on average per day.  Amazing!!!  And most of them were community kids…

2.  We had 39 decisions made during our Thursday presentation of the A, B, Cs.  These include kids that asked Jesus to be their Forever Friend for the first time and kids that want to follow up by being baptized.

3.  We had only minor injuries!  A scuffed knee, one bumped head, etc.  Another year down.  In the 40 some years FBC has been opening it’s doors to the public for VBS we’ve only had to get medical attention for one child.  (Knock on wood!)

4.  We had enough student booklets.  Last year I had to barter with another local church for their student booklets because I didn’t order enough.  This year we have about 5 extra in each grade…  I’d rather have 5 extra than not enough.

5.  We had more than adequate volunteers…  I actually couldn’t think of a job for a couple of ladies on Monday… when does that ever happen?

6.  I can only think of one or two teenagers that I’ll have be tougher on next year.  One thing we did extra this year was had our student leaders come to the house the week before VBS for hot dogs & hamburgers.  We talked just with them about what we expected and then trained them to share the a,b,c’s and act as counselors.  This went really well and we honestly saw a difference in their performance.

7.  We let out of the opening rally by 9:32 EVERY morning!!!!  That is a HUGE victory… normally we’re running late from the get-go.

8.  We had an amazing turnout of 5th & 6th graders!  We split them up into guys and girls and this probably would be the victory that I am most excited about!  We had 35 of them everyday, at least.  We had over 45 come through the week and get this… they enjoyed it!  We didn’t see much of the 6th grade attitude of coolness!  God blessed us with the right leaders for these classes and it worked! 

9.  We had a full house on family night and the kids did amazing!  For family nite, as much as I have debated with the upper echelon about this, we always to the Lifeway musical.  There are some themes, including this years, that I want to say:  Can we not do anything more creative than this…  BUT the fact it…  parents will come to see their kids in a good musical.  If it’s simply a luau, etc. parents don’t have to come back and the years we’ve tried it there isn’t as great a response.  So, we do the musical.  But man…  If I can figure out how to post a video of some of it I will.  It was SO amazing see 175+ kids on our stage singing their hearts out to our Savior… how sweet and precious is that? 

10.  All of the post-VBS mess in now contained in one room awaiting me today…  UGH!  (I had post sorting out supplies but at the same time, I don’t want help!  Yes, I’m that kind of person :O)

11.  We have a new follow-up plan.  We’ve always done a pretty simple follow-up.  This year I was inspired by the VBS conference we went to in Nashville to do more.  So we’re making visits to every child that came.  Not come in, plop on the couch and present the gospel visits.  Simply, knock on the door, “here’s your child’s artwork from last week, here’s what we taught them (in a brochure), here’s our church schedule (brochure), and we are so glad you entrusted us with your child, let us know how we can serve you” visit.  So I am praying that we can just get some good face time and slowing win our community by building relationships.

12.  All of our decorations have been passed on…  and I don’t have to figure them out :O)

13.  I was able to be more of a mom this year than ever to my own kids, especially on Family Nite.  Some of my responsibilities I was able to shift off graciously and others had to be pried from my fingers forcefully… yes, I have trust issues.  But, it made for a relatively low stress week.  I still had my forgetful moments… ya know, when you’re heading to get three Bibles for one class and you get headed off to get a phone number, and then you need to get the head count and then you finally have to be re-reminded about the Bibles… but that comes with the territory.  Maybe I’ll carry post-it notes next year.  

     13b.  I videotaped the musical perfomances of Madeline Michel & Charles Wesley… the rising stars that they are since no grandparents were present.  (Which I’ll post on in the next post.)

So over all, it was a success… and the best one of all:

14.  Yesterday, which was Friday, I was out of the church and at the pool by 2:15 pm!  Talk about a record.  What i won’t talk about is the MAJOR VBS meltdown that happened when we came home from the pool and i was trying to fix dinner…  that is TOO ugly to mention :O)



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