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Day One…

Day one is down on the VBS count!  It went well.  My puppies are barking but it really did go well.  We are up 11% in attendance from last year’s first day.  The goal I gave our teachers is 20%.  I first said 10% but then I thought about it and realized that probably wasn’t a God-sized goal.  My biggest excitement came though when I found out we 27 5th & 6th grade guys!  That is a HUGE record!  I am so pumped and jazzed and every other word that can be used about our 5th & 6th grade classes.  God provided the perfect teachers for them, and the guys have 4 very grounded, neat Christian college guys teaching them!  They have come up with some of the craziest, guy things…  They have wall of famous hawaiians…  David Segall, etc.  They printed 8×10’s out and have them hung :o) 

The kids learned today that God is Real.  That was the bottom line and I pray, pray, pray that every single child all almost 300 of them walked or tottled away knowing that yes in fact, our God is real! 

It’s quiet in my house right now and I’m loving it.  Everyone is zonked including Sophia so I think I’m going to lay down but before I do I must say that we set a record last night…  We were home by 9:30 pm… it may have been 9:45 pm BUT… none the less, that is by far earlier by 3 hours than any other Sunday before VBS, ever!

We had a good Father’s Day.  It always rots because our VBS is always the week following Father’s Day so I always feel like the dad’s get slighted.  We gave Stephen his present on Saturday night…  we splurged and got a ticket to the Ryder Cup.  It’s in Louisville this year (the closest it’ll ever be!)  I’m kinda jealous that we only got one ticket but I’m really excited that him and his dad are going together.  All the big names will be there… the all stars of golf including Tiger and our favorite… good ol’ Phil. 

Both of our dads were out of town… Don’s in a church in PA preaching and mom and dad went on a vacation for this anniversary to Alaska.  Very cool. 

Well, I’ll post pictures and write more later but my pillow is calling for for a few minutes before any chilin’ wake up.


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