My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Farshfellow Creme and VBS…

Well… I know I’m a stranger to my blog for the last week or more…  man it’s been a busy couple weeks.  W’ere getting ready to head to Hawaii… not really, but we are heading to Outrigger Island!!!  I am excited about VBS but there have been some curves.  There always are it’s just they’re never the same. 

This year I’ve been fighting with a yardsign company for a week or so and it’s really testing my patience and Christianity.  I won’t go there right now :O)

My kids have been troupers and while it’s been a little hairy, they’re making it.  With Stephen’s inspiration and help from him and some really great hands at church (the hands are attached to several of our friends) I must say that VBS is almost ready.  Normally I am up to my ears on Sunday afternoon and then we’re at the church until 1:00 am or so which makes me very irritable on Monday but I really think by tomorrow afternoon we’ll be good. 

Stephen took the older two kids home the other night and watch Indiana Jones (TBS is playing the first three in a row: Thurs, Fri, Sat).  They ordered pizza and then had smores with marshmallow creme.  Or as Charlie would say:  “We had fores with farshfellow creme.” 

I have pictures to post from the community park water things and more to write but for now I’m bidding adu (however, you spell that word).  We launch in about 36 hours… we’ll be ready. 

I’m praying for good numbers but more than that I want a good connection with those that come whether it be 200 or 300…  We’re going to be doing a new follow-up strategy that I’m super excited about and all in all I’m looking for a great week.  Until later… Aloha!


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