My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


This weekend was a good one.  It was a pretty ‘normal’ one.  I love normal days.  That sounds stupid, I realize but when life is full of so many abnormal ones, I relish the normals ones. 

Sunday went good.  We announced that we were changing up the 5th/6th grade VBS and including a trip to the Beach Waterpark and we got a good response.  I am so excited to see if we can keep these kids engaged.  Even if there’s not a visible (numerical) difference, I really hope that by reputation it will change numbers in the years to come.  We have split the 5th/6th graders into three classes:  5th grade girls, 6th grade girls, and 5th/6th grade guys.  The last class is the one I am most pumped about… We have a couple really grounded, neat guys that enjoy, maybe even love, working with kids/pre-teens, jr. high guys and they have committed to this class!  They’re adapting the materials to guys and I am really praying for this group.  So many times they check out because VBS is for ‘kids’ and they are not kids, no way, they’re almost in middle school :O)  But seriously, I am very excited to see if it makes a difference in attitudes and in numbers.  (And I’m excited about the Beach Waterpark!)

Sunday evening we didn’t have church due to the holiday.  I really enjoy when that happens because it’s like you get a bonus night.  We ended up going to LaRosa’s, enjoying the wonderful pizza, watching Phil Mickelson win whatever tournament was on, and watching the Cincinnati Reds play 18 innings!  18 INNINGS… that’s TWICE what you’re supposed to play!

Monday: Memorial Day was wonderful!  The weather was gorgeous outside and we had all the windows open.  I got quite a bit of cleaning and all but a small load of towels washed, dried, and folded… not put away (my nimasis) but folded at least.  I cleaned and polished the wood floors in the kitchen, entry and hallway, vaccumed, and cleaned the kitchens and the bathroom.  All the while, Stephn and the kids were outside.  Both kids outgrew their bikes so they now have new ones and were cruising around the circle.  I love that!  We need to get helmets this week.

We grilled out that evening, brats, BBQ burgers with bacon (delicious!), and turkey/cheese dogs with all the picnic fixings.  We had Stephen’s family over (Mom and dad were trying to make it but they were out car shopping and got hung up.  They were missed.) and we engorged ourselves on the food and then another helping of Tres Leches Cheesecake or Ghiradelli Brownies.  Life doesn’t get better, does it?  We ended the night by watching The Pacifier.  That is a GREAT movie… 

We missed spending the holiday with Mammaw (she’s down at Terry’s most of the time now) and were reminded of the loss of Pappaw…

Today I actually got to the Tuesday morning Ladies Bible study, granted it was their last regular one, but between having a baby and being out of town, I never made it.  I do hope that this fall we do the new study by Beth Moore.  It looks really good.  This past spring we did a study by another author and I don’t think my learning style and her teaching style were very compatible…  I didn’t get much out of it because I couldn’t get it.  That’s when I decided to redo A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George.  That’s a really good study if you haven’t done it, you should.  But I am looking forward to returning to a Beth Moore study…

Afterwards, Stephen, Charlie and I had leftovers for lunch, Charlie had a nap, I paid bills, and Stephen went back to work.  There is great satisfaction and pleasure in writing out checks to pay bills.  I know I may be weird but I love when I have a stack of bills to take the post office to mail.  I think the pleasure comes from knowing the times when we honestly couldn’t pay a single bill, or if we could we had to call it in because it was due today.  God has been so gracious to us and brought us through many dark and trying times.  He has been faithful.  He has taught us hundreds of lessons, some I really didn’t want to learn, but I appreciate now on the other side. 

That being said, He’s not done yet.  He’s still teaching and I’m still striving to learn.  Somedays I really don’t want to learn… today was a day when I recognized a need to learn and prayed for the desire.  That was kinda the best I could do for today… 

A crying Sophia is calling my name and I hear whispers of “mom…” coming down the stairs (it is half-hour into bedtime…) so… as my children and husband like to say to each other… “Word!”


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