My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


Well, today I succedded, okay I can’t even succeed at spelling, but oh well… there is spell check but I’ll be real :O)  I can’t spell to save my live.  Anyways, I had success today in a couple things, not everything, but a couple: 

#1 – I have ordered or at least written up 98% of the VBS ordering… YEAH!  I also have procured the graphics for the backdrop.

#2 – I have only eaten ONE brownie and not many like days in the past. 

#3 – I have only cried on the phone once today, okay, I started to two other times, but only one real cry and it was with a dear sweet friend who has been one of the greatest influences on my life (besides my mom and mom-in-law).  I can be truly transparent, she wants the best for the life of our family, she’s a tremendous Christian who can hold me in check if necessary and all in all a great friend.  I needed her conversation today and it was a good cry… not a bad one.

#4 – I have uppacked our suitcases from the weekend/beginning of the week.  Some of the clothes are still folded NICELY on grandpa p’s chair but at least they’re folded. 

All small victories but victories non the less…

The older two are going to grammy’s for the night.  They’re getting to fish tomorrow with grampa and tonight I think Stephen & I are going to Indiana Jones.  Well, have a great Memorial Day weekend, enjoy the gas prices :oP


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