My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Waiting… and Coffee.

I know a weird title but it will make sense, okay, maybe I’ll say it makes sense to me because I was going to sum up the last few days and they includes thoughts and waiting… and coffee.  (Surprise, I know.)

Anyways, at this moment (this exact moment) our life is in waiting, waiting for what, we don’t exactly know, simply waiting.  It’s funny how waiting can somtimes be calming, other times make you anxious, and at times make you feel like you need to throw up! 

This weekend was a good one for us.  We did our church thing on Sunday morning and had a great time of worship with the kids.  (‘Big church’ went long which leaves us scrambling at the end, but it worked out okay…  Again, thank you Ashley, Bryon, Autumn and Kyle).  We left after lunch for a trip up to Traverse City.  That is a BEAUTIFUL city and shoreline.  It was great to be able to not have a huge agenda and spend time together.  The kids enjoyed swimming in the pool… Charlie gave us a scare.  The kids has NO fear and after taking the steps into the water up to his ankles he decided that he’d had enough of that so he walks over to the 3’+ water and takes a jump…  I was in the bathroom and so all Stephen saw was his hair bobbing up and down!  It scared him and Stephen but it’s worn off now and it’s now, “No, daddy didn’t have to rescue me… I just didn’t have my eyes closed, that’s why I was jumping in the water!”  BOYS!  Just look out if you have little boys or no boys yet, just wait!

Here’s a couple pictures from the beach.  It was FREEZING but beautiful so we had to take advantage of it!  I decided where I want to live when we retire…  Mission point penesula in TC…  YEAH RIGHT!  It’s gorgeous, the homes are cape cod-ish and the views are amazing… So are the price tags.  We saw one house with a little over 1,000 sq ft, 3 bed, 1 bath that was for sale with 1200′ of beach fron that had a price tag of $549k.  That’s the one we’re going for right there, :O)

Anyways, here’s some of our beach pics…

We were freezing our hinnies off!  We then spent some time walking downtown TC… it’s SOOOOO cool.  There was the coolest children’s shop.  It reminded me of the bookstore on ‘You’ve Got Mail’.  They had a puppet theatre (like on ‘One Fine Day’) and a ton of puppets, cool games that are educational but kids don’t know it and TONS of books!  Very cool.  They also had a great little pizza place, the name escapes me but more than one shop recommended it so if you’re there and you ask for pizza I’m sure you’ll be sent to the same place.


Sophia really enjoyed the pizza!

After our jaunt to TC we traveled and got to spend a few hours with my family in Whitehall, Michigan.  On Wednesday morning we stopped by my granpa’s house and he was having coffee with mt Great-uncles Butch & Ron.  it did my heart good to see them all sitting around the table having coffee talk:  fishin’ (it was too windy for boat finshin’, too cold for pier fishin’ so they came home for chili at 10:30 AM!!!)

Amyways, then we came home and isn’t it nice to be home after a trip?


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