My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

My New Goal…

My new goal in life is to figure out how Cheesecake Factory makes their Tres Leche Cheesecake.  This cheesecake is DIVINE and I had been craving it for about 10 weeks now.  I went out on a girls night out right before Sophia was born (which I’ll have to get some pictures of, I forgot that there were some taken… we had pedicures at Venetian down at the Greene.  I thought that would be the last time I would have my toes polished before going into the hospital so I wouldn’t have to bend over any more but unfortunately Sophia liked it too well inside so I had to repaint at least once more… oh well.)  Anyways, back to the Tres Leche, It was the most heavenly piece of cheesecake ever.  So, I’ve been craving it again ever since.

Stephen and went out on Friday night while Maddie and Charlie had a blast with Poppa, they went putt-putting and then picked up Nana and Grandma and ate at Tumbleweed.  Anyways, Stephen and I ate at Mongolian BBQ, which was really good.  (It’s where you get to get a bowl and fill it with whatever you want, they stirfry it and you eat it.)  Anyways, on the way out we stopped by Cheesecake Factory and got it to go.  We went home and ate cheesecake and watched Dan in Real Life.  It was a very nice night…  Sometimes it’s so nice to simply sit quietly, or eat dinner together where you can talk. 

So my new goal is figure out how to make that cheesecake.  As far as I know a recipe does not exist… at least not on the web.  So I’ll be working on it.  If I figure one out, I’ll let you know.

Yesterday was church, as well as Mother’s Day, both of which I enjoyed very much.  Sometimes the sweetest worship for me is during RushHour (our worship services for 1 – 6 graders) and yesterday was one of those times.  I love hearing those kids worship together.  Chris led a song (and for the life of me I can’t remember which one right now) where the music cuts out and it’s simply voices… how amazing it is to hear their little voices singing to our Savior.  That sound, the simplicity and innocense is something that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life…  It’s something that I will cherish dearly.

We ate at El Rancho with both Stephen and my parents and my sister, Sarah, and Stephen’s brother, Tim, and Grandma.  We got a steal!  The place is great food, a good price, and when dad went to pay they took every coupon he gave them which took over about $20 off the bill.  THEN because it was mother’s (I almost typed brother’s) Day, each mom got a $10 Gift Certificate to boot!  You can’t beat that.  We headed over to mom’s and did ourselves in with some goodness of a cheesecake with carmel, heath and chocolate.  Great stuff. 

Last night at church, Extreme Praise, our children’s worship group was able to do a showcase, if you will, during our evening service.  I have enjoyed helping this year with this group and it was a great send off for this year.  During this interim time at FBCV we have had various ministers, lay and ordained, share the pulpit on Sunday night and last night a lay-pastor within our church shared a message entitled, “The Man that God Chooses.” 

He shared about the type of man that God uses to lead his people and how he chooses them.  It was very appropriate for the season of our church right now, as we are in search of a senior pastor, but also, it was appropriate as we are preparing for that role some day.  FBCV has been such a great place for us to learn and grow and it has been a treasure trove for us.  But we know that God has been preparing Stephen to serve in the capacity of a lead pastor and last night’s message was really good. 

Bill spoke through four qualities of the leaders that God uses/chooses and they include Spirituality (A Surrendared Heart, someone who is seeking and searching constantly).  Humility (A Servant’s Heart, when we take care of our character, our reputation will take care of itself).  Integrity (An Uncluttered Heart, being honest to the core, wholesome, unimpared).  Vision (A Seeing Heart, having the desire and ability to do God’s will). 

The one verse that really struck me that Bill used last night was this following: 

For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep;  Acts 13:36

I want to serve God’s purpose in this generation…  In one of the recent studies I had gone through it spent some time on this truth that I, we, Stephen and I, were called to this specific generation.  This is the generation that was picked for us with a purpose and a plan.  It is exciting and I wish I could fast forward to see how we’ll be used. 

The thought that that struck even harder last night as Bill was speaking about praying, preparing and desiring for God’s man to come to FBCV and serve and lead it into the next decade the fact that as hard as it is to grasp this verse describes Pappaw’s life and legacy.  His entire life was based on being used for God’s purpose.  His life was fulfilled and completed.  Oh that that could be said about me, I would die a satisfied person. 

It’s daunting to think about the future…  I so want to know.  It’s my personality… I will read the last chapter halfway through just so I can rest assured that my favorite heroine wins or is safe, I like clues to the end of movies and shows, I would give Stephen his Christmas presents the day after I shop, even if it’s the day after Thanksgiving!!!

I guess that’s why God’s laughing right now at me because this month ironically enough our virtue at FBCKids is Patience (we use 252basics… if your church doesn’t and you are involved in the children’s ministry, you should… we love it.  ((  Patience is:  Waiting until later for something you want now.  Our bottom line this week was:  If you don’t wait, it could cost you.  How true…  I facilitated the 6th grade small group this week and the thing that I was trying to get them to think through was sometimes it’s not that when you choose something NOW you don’t always get BAD, you sometimes just miss out on the BEST. . .  Man, I need that lesson.

Anyways, this post has splintered in a million directions and I still need to wrap up some work at home so I’m going to split until tomorrow.



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