My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Like a Camel

As a camebl kneels before his master to have him remove his burden at the end of the day, so kneel each night and let the Master take your burden.  Corrie Ten Boom

That was in my study today and I love that picture. 

Last night, actually all of yesterday was enjoyable.  During the day I got to enjoy a day with ‘the girls’, or rather part of them.  Heidi, my sister in law, was in town so mom, Heidi, Sophia and I hit the mall, the haircut place, and ice cream (shhh…)  It was nice to be able to talk… the last few times Heidi and Stephen have been in there’s been extra family as well and so we’ve had to divide our time more…

Then last night we headed to FLorence, KY for a late dinner with Terry, Ann, Joel, John, and Mammaw.  They hadn’t seen Sophia since she was born and so for Mother’s Day we all (Don, Linda, Tim, Ethan, Ash, Drew, Stephen, Maddie, Charlie, Sophia, and I) met them halfway for dinner at Cracker Barrel.  It was a nice time and CB wasn’t busy (it was 7:30 before we got there!) so it was quiet.  I got some good pictures that I’ll post later for the one person that MIGHT look at this blog, but hey, I’m doing to for myself. 

I need to get something accomplished today so I might post later on once I can ‘mark’ a few things off my list. 


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