My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Suburban Living

I have started this blog three times and I suppose you can blame the fact that I’ve never actually finished starting it on my first born discouraged perfectionist personality. I’ve looked at blog templates for the past two weeks trying to pick one. Then I found this one, which I like but I had to figure out some html formatting, which if I could remember 8th grade computers, it would have helped. Anyways, I’m just going to bite the bullet and start this account of whatever it is I’m accounting.

I have wanted a way to simply journal and in the past two months I’ve been hooked with reading a couple blog sites and they have honestly been some of the most encouraging and identifiable things I’ve read on a regular basis. They’ve ministered to me.

I’m sure that more of our life over the past year will come out slowly in these posts but for tonight, for my first official post a thought struck me as I was taking the garbage to the road…

I am truly loving, and thoroughly enjoying living the stereotypical suberban life right now. Now if you know me (us) you’ll know that this past year is anything but typical and uneventful however, right now in the moment I am truly loving some of the simplier things in life.

I love being a mom to three kids: Three kids! That’s crazy! Sophia joined our family 10 days ago and sometimes it seems surreal but most of the time it’s simply how our family is supposed to be. Madeline challenges me more than the other two but it’s also really rewarding to see how much she’s learning and growing and man, she seems so old all of a sudden. She’s seven going on seventeen! Pulling out some of her baby clothes was heartbreaking… she’s not a baby anymore, in fact she’s on her way to growing up. It (I can’t think of the word), reminded me of the weight of our responsibility as parents in raising her (and Charlie and Sophia) in a Christlike home, where each of our children are given every opportunity to see and experience Christ so that they can, it’s our prayer that they, choose to know Christ as their personal Savior. Man, that’s a lot of responsibility and sadly, I screw up the Christlikeness more times than I exhibit it.

Charlie, he’s been a little more testy lately, requiring more correcting (and as I’m typing I’m hearing footsteps upstairs where he’s been ‘in bed’ for the past hour… our resident cockroach strikes again. And I mean cockroach in the best possible way.) but he daggone hilarious most of the time as he’s being a trial which requires us to keep straight faces… it’s not easy.

Sophia is allowing me to savor motherhood… just smelling a newborn sends something maternal through me. They all smell alike no matter what lotion, body wash, etc. that you use. She is a heaven sent blessing. I’m knocking on wood as I type, she is on a three-hour schedule during the day and she’s on a four-hour schedule from 11 pm to 7 am. I can’t complain and actually am truly, truly grateful for that blessing because I know that that’s not the normal.

Anyways, so yes, I’m savoring being a suberban mom. We have slightly more than the average 2.5 children but I would trade the .5 for anything. I am also, for the first time in… ummmmm… well, since graduating high school, staying home. I have started working an at home job that is working out great and I’m loving the work. To be completely honest with whoever, I was kinda worried that I would get restless at home, and I still might get that way on days, but that’s what Target’s for, right?!? No, but to be serious, I really didn’t know how I’d end up feeling about staying home FIVE whole days. (For the past two years I’ve only worked two days and thought that was a good balance, but man, I am honestly loving being home.)

I am also loving being able to resume sleeping on my stomach! I know that might not sound like much but for anyone who’s a stomach sleeper and has been pregnant… it’s alot! Believe me!

I’ve done laundry, washed sheets, washed dishes, swept the floor, cleaned up spit up, dusted, vacuumed… all of that in the past few days and aside from being tired, I am satisfied.

Our life is unsettled at this moment in time in the major things but God is good and we have been able to bask in the little things and enjoy the ‘suberban life’.

“Come taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
Fear the LORD, you his saints,
for those who fear Him lack nothing.
The lions may grow weak and hungry,
but those who see the LORD lack no good thing.”

Psalm 24:8-10


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